Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Reese was Reece and is now Roxanne

Well the transport went well. We got her all bundled up in a big ol crate. Got out of the house, immediately had to turn around because we forgot something, then started back out again. Reese immediately started drooling.. poor thing. She didn't much like it either. We realized we put the cage in the truck backwards, so we stopped at the first convenient place and turned it around so I could have access to her. I got her cleaned up and we started off again.

Before we even got on the highway, she lost control of her bowels, and I had to clean that up. Fortunately I noticed it right away and so there for the car didn't stink up. Right after I got that cleaned up, I noticed she was about to hurl, so I quickly got the blankets out of there, and she vomited on the plastic bottom - very easy to clean up. Put the blankets back in, cleaned up more drool, covered the cage again, and tried to get her to settle. She didn't settle in the dark, she didn't settle with the cover off, she didn't settle if I held her, so I put her back in the cage and covered it. She'd whine on and off, and each time she did she was covered with drool so I kept cleaning her off.

My part of the journey was about 2 hours. Met up with the second leg of the journey and did the hand off in the mall parking lot. It was amusing. Just the whole thing..

Reese became Reece because I typoed.. Carolyn - her new mom - liked that spelling better, but then once she met Reece, realized that it really wasn't her name. I knew that from the begining. She came up with Roxanne. I like it.

Roxanne charmed absolutely everyone on the trip. She is an absolute belly slut, LOVES to roll over and present the belly for patting. Greeted everyone with affection and interest. She had a three part journey down to meet her mom, who traveled up and was staying in a hotel - so she had another journey the next day to get home. She also went on a few visits while she was in the area - other members of the website who lived in the area who wanted to meet up.

She got home and met her new 'brother' Niko. Like at my house, she ate his food, played with his toys, and just sauntered around like "ok, what's next?" Niko apparently was not impressed with her charms, as he was bullied in the past by a girl kitty. From the description of the meeting, he was completely unimpressed and would slink away quitely after she came around. I'm sure once he realizes that Roxanne isn't the kitty from his past, they'll become fast friends.

Licorice is a very interesting case for me. I'm not quite sure what to do with him. He goes off his food every couple of days - although he's stayed with the M/D dry for a week now. I've offered him multiple varieties of canned food, treats, and even the raw I feed my own cats - all he turns his nose up at. Now that he's been shaved, he's slowly putting on weight, a couple ounces here a loss there a few more ounces here, but its frustrating.

I am working on gaining his trust again. I know I know.. I'm obsessive about mats and removing them, and he's totally ok with leaving them right where they are "thank you very much" or at least I should say he absolutely does not want me to pull them off. I can't help myself! I need MA - mats annonomous. Hello, my name is Connie, and I have a problem :D

DH and I spent some time with him last night. He wanted attention but wasn't sure I wasn't going to tug at his fur. So he stood just at arms length. I'm sure if I can just restrain myself he'll be back to his "PAT ME" ways.

I guess I'm also not used to how much food ONE adult cat eats. I'm expecting them to both (Lic and Boots) to eat way more than they do. They both eat about a handful of dry a day. Which after watching my six pigs and room fulls of kittens eat, seems like nothing.

So I guess Lic is my life lesson in patience and just letting nature take its course. *sigh* I am really not good at that.

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