Sunday, February 17, 2008

I can rant if I want to


I'm sorry for yet another rant. I'm sure I've said all this in the past, but sometimes it really bugs me and gets to me and I need to get it out before it breaks me.

Being in rescue/fostering you become painfully aware of the shortage of funds for saving pets. you also become painfully aware that you simply can not save them all, and even if some miracle happened and you had money to save them all, you will never find homes for them all. There are millions of homeless pets out there and simply not enough homes.

So when I see a rescue group trying to raise more than a few hundred dollars to save a pet, it just gets my hackles up.

I totally understand the desire to want to save a pet. An owned pet I have absolutely no problem with. What you do with your money for your pet is up to you. but when a rescue - who has only so many funds - and only so many times it can go to the well of resources it has to raise those funds - wants to come up with over three thousand dollars to save a puppy that has parvo, I just cringe. Another rescue group put out the call to raise several hundred dollars (close to a thousand if I remember correctly) to get a cat life saving surgery.

By going out on a limb for these pets, how many others are they not going to be able to take in or treat fully because they are going to be low on funds? a thousand dollars can go a long way to help save healthy pets that are out on the street...


And what the heck, since I'm ranting, I have to say I'm a little annoyed with my own shelter. I do give them major kudos and a wide birth when it comes to being annoyed with them because I know they are doing a LOT with the little resources they have. Licorice went in on Thursday to be shaved. Communication was not 100% and I did not get him in on time to have him done that night. I was asked to come in at night, and I work till six and have told them this many a time, and even though I was quick in getting there, there wasn't enough time. SO he spent the night and someone was to get to him on Friday. No one did. I left a note to have them call me on Saturday when he was done, never got the call. I hated leaving him there, but I can't make them call me. Got a call at 3 pm on Sunday saying they were going to get to him then, and I could come and get him. *sigh* poor boy. He's really off because of his experience. Hid for a couple of hours after coming back, and even after he started coming out he was very reluctant to have me touch him. Hopefully we'll get past this right quick.

Then there is Reese. Because I thought Licorice was lonely, I offered to take another cat to help keep him company. I was told Reese is diabetic. two and a half years old, had a UTI, figured out that she was diabetic, a diet change didn't help, so they put her on insulin. Well I took her. THey weren't testing her before giving her a shot. I am out of strips on my own meter for Em, and I know how expensive they are, so I went to the clinic I go to (who I donated two meters to when Em died for future diabetics) who diagnosed Reese. I asked for a little more information on her, since I was given so little. Well my vet really didn't want to give it to me. Wants foster parents to go through the shelter - which I did. But you got all the info on her that I got - not nearly enough for my tastes.

Well I took the meter home, tested her that night, got a 74! No insulin for her. in the morning got another reading under 100. still no insulin. next morning, and tonight.. damn good thing I refused to treat with out testing, cause insulin with that low of a number probably would have killed her. Mad at the shelter for not testing, mad at clinic for not talking to me about her, and just generally all around steamed at the situation.

Also kinda bothered by the lack of communication by my vet. I understand that he doesn't want me to tell him how to treat a pet I don't own - which some foster parents can be prone to do.. all I wanted was information I should be able to get but the shelter isn't prone to keep. another thing that bothers me is that he wouldn't come out and see me when I stopped in to get meter. He rarely stops out to see me when I stop by. I'm starting to feel that he doesn't really want me as a client. Granted I can be a strong advocate for my pets, and I like to know more than the average pet owner.. but I don't see where that is a bad thing. I hate to switch vets, as I like my vet, I like him a lot.. but I can't stand feeling like I am a bother - which I am very much starting to feel like when I go there. I very much wanted to be employeed by this vet as well. When I talked to him about it before he opened his clinic, I asked him point blank if he could ever see him hiring me. I asked him to be honest because it wouldn't change my feeling, but I didn't want false hope. He said he would be interested, but he had some prior obligations, and he didn't know if he'd have the funds any time soon. Well he ended up hiring another women we worked with - which I don't have a problem with as I really like the woman and she NEEDED the job. but all this off putting behaviour - which maybe I'm projecting - just makes me feel like he really should have said no to me in the first place.

so do I change vets (Eli needs a dental) and loose any small amount of hope of him ever hiring me, do I change vets simply because I can't stand feeling this way, or do I just hold off doing anything for now (Eli really could use a dental but isn't in any pain) and let sleeping dogs lie for now till this feeling passes? maybe I'm just obnoxiously insecure... which is kinda true... self esteem has never been my strong point (although I'm sure a few people would be surprised to hear it)


I'm grumpy, Im tired, and I feel like Im fighting to get up stream and not getting anywhere..

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