Thursday, February 21, 2008


So, I go and get "Reese" the diabetic cat. She's cute, and sweet, and a belly slut. She has more fur than a bear, and loves rolling around on the floor and picking up dust and debris for me.

I didn't have any test strips, so I followed the shelter's regime for her for three days. Got test strips, tested with the control - got 114. tested her, got 74. No insulin. Licorice still wasn't home from being shaved, so I gave her only the prescribed foods. tested in the morning, under 100 - no insulin. Kept on prescribed foods. Licorice came home that night. Gave some different canned food. tested in am, under 100 no insluin. Gave regular ol dry food that licorice liked, still under 100. Stopped testing. Tested a few days later, still under 100. I have NO idea what is going on with her, but that's ok.

Cause I found her a home. I post on a board about diabetic kitties, and before I had even posted a pict of her, she had a home. :) now it is in Virginia, so getting her there is going to be interesting. we've lined up four people to chain her down there. We are driving her to MA on Saturday.

Licorice is doing very well with his silly shaved tushie too. I think he's a bit embarassed by it, but since he's feeling better, he's eating better and slowly putting on weight.

Boots however is a completely different story. I don't know what to do with him. He has allergies to something, so I didn't feed him any beef products.. although I'm sure the food probably has some beef in it, because he's got scabs on his upper body, and the space between his ears and his eyes are all red and scratched up. His eyes are also a little inflamed. Not my cat, so I'm kinda limited in what I can do. His owner has brought him to the vet, and they've given him cortisone shots for it.. but apparently no one has thought to put him on an ingredient restricted diet. how can a vet not have suggested that?!?! he's with me for a little over a month more. I tried again to introduce him to my crew, but he is steadfast against it. It was a riot watching him hiss at Eli Kit and Jack. Kit just thought it was fascinating - but then she thinks EVERYTHING is fascinating. Jack had this look on his face like "Hey! that is MY line!!" and after getting hissed at three times hissed back. :) Eli just kept reaching out to Boots, as if to say, don't worry, it's all good, but boots wasn't buying it.. so he's still locked up in the office. Muffin is very determined to get in there, knowing there is gushy food in there.. Kit made a break for it this morning too, trying to rush past me.. was just too cute!

I wish there were more hours in the day to give everyone all kinds of love..

but now the shelter wants me to take more Bunnies. I'm going to look at them tonight, and will probably bring them home.. but OMG, my life will be overwhelmed if I do!

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