Thursday, February 28, 2008

Licorice's field trip

Well Licorice is all alone once again now that Reece/Roxie is gone.. he seems ok with it. Although he does seem very interested in meeting the kitties on the other side of the door.

I went down last night. He stood up from his perch, and I realized once again just how LONG his legs are. I swear he has some horse genes or something..

I am trying so very very hard to control my impulse to pick at the few remaining mats. It is so hard. They are small and come off pretty easily, but it does annoy him when I do it. However last night I was cuddling with him, and realized his nails needed trimming pretty badly, and his ears - OMG his ears.. Caked with black desbris and bleeding (ok just a little but still) how could I have missed that?!?! *sigh* so once again I was the "evil lady" and pulled off a few mats, trimmed his claws, and did some surface cleaning of his ears. (I need to get some more mite medicine - so treatment is going to have to wait a short while)

So to distract him and make him forget how 'evil' I was to him, I took him on a little field trip up to the bedroom. He was ever so interested in the house as I walked past the kitchen and the bathroom - he took in EVERYTHING! Got to the bedroom, and shut the other kitties out and let him have his fill. Well he couldn't sit still. He was all over the room, all over the bed, up on the scratching post (yes, I have one in my bedroom - feel free to laugh) back on the bed, under the bed, in the bathroom, well you get the picture. He stopped to visit me a couple of times, but he just didn't want to sit still! after a few pats he was off again. Not running.. not stressed.. just actively looking around as if enjoying everything and not wanting to miss anything

This boy so deserves a special home.. one where he is spoiled rotten and where he is combed (he likes it as long as there is no pulling off of mats) every day.

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