Friday, April 18, 2008

four more

Dovie gave birth last night / this morning. She seemed quite distressed last night, and so did Lovey... who ran around like a manic, and tried to bite us a couple of times.

Dovie gave birth under the couch. it wasn't pretty. Birth never is, but there was an excess of fluid and blood. The kits were mostly ok. they had extremely long cords, and one still had the placenta attached.

I got them cleaned up, and trimmed up, and put them in a box. Lovie was quite amusing, running around as if trying to show her sister what to do. she went into the box, and hovered over the kits, then left.. Dovie finally got in the box with the kits and laid down. Fortunately kits know what to, and found nipples to nurse on. The hormones released really do make the moms want to hang out with kits :)

Dovie is much more impressed with kittens now. No longer growling, and is visiting both sets of kittens regularly. :)

So she also gave birth to four kittens. One solid black, two black and white, and one calico. And surprisingly enough, all four are girls! I'll have to line them all up and get a photo, it will be cute.

the last pair of moms I had were so loving and so sweet.. and so are these two. Only thing Lovie likes than nursing is being cuddled. and Dovie is wanting of attention as well. Dovie has a watery eye, so I am going to have to watch that.

so, now I have kittens.. :) and 16 cats in the house.

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