Friday, April 11, 2008

The wench tricked me

Why is it I always call pregnant cats hussies and wenches?? :)

I still need to come up with names for these two.

The black one very much acted like she was in labor last night. Her kittens were very active, she spent a lot of time laying on her side, and she even went in the cage (where I set up some towels) like she was looking for a good place to give birth..

but as of this morning.. nothing!


she is much friendlier though. Her sister is an absolute clown. She begs for attention, rolls all over her sister to get it either from her or me.. the black one is very ... reserved isn't a good word.. proper would be a better word. regal might fit too. she seems to very much stand on ceramony..

I can't wait to see these kittens! I hope I get some cuties out of it. Rumor has it the dad is a solid black kitty, so chances are they'll all be black or tortie.. guess we'll see!

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