Saturday, April 19, 2008

You plan, kitties laugh

So I had a set of all black kitties - three boys and one girl. And I had a set of all girls, one black, two black & white and one calico. I had plans to distinguish the black girl kitties, but I figured I'd have time to implement it.. so I went about my day yesterday..

well wouldn't you know it, they combined litters!! I went into the kitten room this morning, and saw the two mom kitties laying next to one another, all cozy and happy with life. I went to look in the box, and one or the other or both of them had taken Dovie's litter and put it in the teepee with Lovie's litter..


I hate the kittens in that thing, I can't see them! Only way to make sure they are all ok is to take them all out and disturb them.. don't really want to do that twice a day.. *sigh*

The moms LOVE this arrangement though. Would think nursing 8 kittens would be a bit annoying, but they are so happy, and so thrilled with this, that I didn't have the heart to break them all up.

Besides, it really doesn't matter does it? the moms have got to be related, and the kittens were born two days apart from one another, and it isn't like we have champion blood lines going on here that we NEED to know who the mother is exactly..

c'est la vie

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