Tuesday, April 29, 2008

first week

Well things are pretty uneventful the first week. Just big o pile of kitten. they sleep and nurse.

I kept checking them for open eyes.. I knew I was rushing it, but I want to play with kittens worse than Kit does, so I kept checking. it was well past a week before we got anyone peeking - and surprisingly it was one of the girls from the second litter. The calico one is DETERMINED! she went from peeking to full eyes open in a day.. she's going to be a handful that one. at this point, a full 14 days since birth, only the girl from the first litter hasn't opened her eyes. No peeking, nothing. Will have to keep an eye on her! she doesn't seem to be in any distress.. just keeping the world at bay as long as possible I guess.

I feared for the second litter for a while. It seemed they didn't have squeekers.. They made absolutely no noise when I picked them up, but breath escaped their mouthes as if they were trying to meow. Well turns out that they weren't even trying to meow, they were HISSING!! what is with that?? thing is, not only haven't they stopped hissing at me when ever I pick them up, it is getting more annoyed sounding! I've never had this happen with loving mothers before, so I'm completely confused! I tried snuggling with them, and even had one licking my chest (now that is an odd sensation) but when I went to give it a kiss it hissed at me again.

So I slept in a shirt last night and then exercised in it this morning, and put that in the cage to help them get used to my scent.

I will say they are progressing physically very nicely. They are plump and rolly poly, and I'll be surprised if their walking isn't delayed because their bellies are so full :D several of them seem huge compaired to the others.. it is adorable.

Oh I can not wait till the walking stage.. (this is why i hate taking pregnant mothers.. I have to wait too darn long to get to the adorable stage!!)

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