Saturday, April 5, 2008

still no babies :(

well, I can't complain too hard.. want them to come out when they are ready, not sooner..

We got them downstairs, they were originally set up in my office as my kitten room was an absolute mess from Licorice. The office wasn't an ideal place for them to give birth, as they were hanging out behind my credenza and next to my computer.

They are very nervous about new noises. they don't mind cuddling and being patted, but are very nervous when you walk toward them. They don't adventure out much either - well at this point. Meaning if you get near them and pat them, that is great, but they aren't going to ask for it.

Last night I snuck down stairs, and saw the black one sitting on the couch. I very cautiously approached her, and she jumped down from the couch. I thought she was going to hide, but she put her tail up in the air, and I could easily pick her up... which is a good thing. We'll see how things progress. I think once they get their babies out in the open, they'll be a little less inclined to hide - as it will be a lot of work. but then again, they might just keep their babies under the couch so I never get to see them :)

Kit is VERY excited that there is activity in the kitten room again. She doesn't understand that the kittens are still baking in the oven - not to mention it will be weeks before they are even close to being able to play with her :)

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