Thursday, April 3, 2008

there will be kittens!

I went to the shelter yesterday for the "cat forum" and was roped in (yea, it was hard.. really) to taking two pregnant cats. One solid black (at least I think so, she hasn't been all that generous with the sticking around) and one tortie. They are both quite nervous and have taking to hiding when I enter the room. The tortie will come out for patting, but her sister wants NOTHING to do with me for now. they are both quite round. The tortie isn't all that hard yet.. but then sometimes they don't.

I need to get them into the basement kitten room, but Licorice trashed it, and I just don't have the gumption to clean it. They are currently in my office hiding behind my computer desk or in the recliner. I HOPE I have a week before they give birth.. i hope they aren't doing it right now on my computer..

The cat forum was once again a .. well joke and sham are very strong words. Let me start by sharing that they started the meeting pointing out the highlights of last years forum (I didn't go to it, but I did go to the 05 and 06 ones and they were very similar) and how they didn't do anything listed.

I should have given up at that point. they care, I know they do, but change is difficult.

there was also talk of the kitten shower. I bowed out of that too - same reason. it is sad really. they won't advertise really, they don't want to spend the money on it, but they wonder how to drive up adoptions and donations.. doing events came up, but they don't want to take that on either. They won't invest in a full time volunteer coordinator, they leave so much untapped. Yes, it takes money but it does take money to make money..

I really need to remember to stay out of the administrative parts of the shelter. as much as I think I'd like to step in, and help out - maybe even get on the board one day - I just don't think I can be one lone voice in a tide of 'established proceedures'

so.. let the politics fade, and let the cuteness start as soon as possible - well at least once I get them into the basement ;)

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