Sunday, April 20, 2008


so not only did I not like the teepee from a personal, selfish, reason, turned out to be a bad idea anyway.

Went down yesterday to see Dovie's head and chest outside the teepee. I looked around for Lovie, wondering where she was. I thought she might have been under the couch, but that didn't seem that reasonable since I had walked in the room and she had not come out to see me. So I pulled Dovie out of the teepee, and turned out Lovie was in there too! all 10 cats and kittens in a structure barely big enough for one..

So I set about fixing up the cat cage for them. Surrounded it with pillow cases so it would seem cave like, put a sheet on the bottom for some soft padding, and put the kittens in. Lovie went right in and started nursing. Dovie didn't want to come out of the box (where I had put the kittens after pulling them out of the teepee making sure none were suffocated) and wanted me to give her back her kittens. I called to her, and she finally jumped out of the box and went in and started nursing kittens. I tried to give the right mom the right kittens - knowing full well it doesn't matter - and they laid back to back nursing.. it was so cute.. Dovie moved her head so it was resting on Lovie.

I watched TV for a few minutes to make sure everything was going to be ok, and when I left, Lovie had moved so that they were now bellied up to one another, so the kittens were all in the middle :D

Went down this morning, and caught this photo.. I didn't do anything.. this is how they were!!

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