Monday, July 7, 2008

bye bye plant kitties

Well Fern, Blueberry, Apple, Peony, Dandelion and Ivy are schedualed to go in on Wednesday for their surgery.. *Sob* I shall miss my little Blue. My little shadow.. and Dande.. her fierceness while she plays - but in a good way, and Pea and her soft soft fur and her seductive ways of getting you to bend to her will.. and Apple's... well how she's stuck on fast forward.. lol.. she never fails to make me laugh.. Fern's well rounded socialization, how she's up for anything.. and Ivy's cute little French manicure..


I can't keep them forever, and honestly I don't want to, and I'll get new kittens right quick to fill the void.. but the void will be there, and they will be missed.

I hope Blue finds a home who is willing to dote on him until he gets sick of it (which he wont) And Apple gets a home who is forgiving, and / or takes a second kitten to try to keep her distracted and off the curtains :D

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