Monday, July 14, 2008

Goodbye my plants, Hello Designers...

Well my last set of fosters is gone :( They were so overwhelming when they were all together, but each one was special and unique. It is harder to get to know them personally when there are so many.. I'm sure Ivy and Huck have some great qualities I never really got to know.

I hope my little Blue loves his new home. My first impression of the people who adopted him were not quite what I wanted for him, but they are going to keep him indoors, and the little boy LOVED the idea of Blue being all over him... so I can't complain. Apple and Dandi went to a home who is going to let them outside.. :( I gave her my 'inside only' speech, and can only hope that it got in there somewhere.. or if not, they are very lucky and beat the odds. (I know I know.. a lot of cats do very well outside.. I must learn to be more open minded) Ivy and Fern went to a woman who was in the night before and saw them. She also adopted another kitten, so I bet that house is mayhem! Peony is still at the shelter. Its too bad, she's such a good little kitten.. but solid black little kitties don't grab attention like the others..

I got a call today from the shelter asking me to take another set from a woman who was overwhelmed with medicating them. Five little girls, all in tabby and tiger coats. The previous foster mom and daughter named them after designers. One of them is named Dior.. I've forgotten the rest, but she gave me a cheat sheet. there is a mom cat, who apparently isn't even their mom. She is very young and very thin. She apparently is very protective, but teh whole act of moving to a new place, with the new smells and everything sent her off the deep end, and she was attacking everything that moved, growling and hissing and spitting.. so she is in my cage cooling off at the moment. I'll have to get photos right quick because they are beautiful cats.

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