Monday, July 21, 2008

Goodbye Bearbear (no really this time)

Well I found a home for Bear (or as I have come to call him Bearbear) A woman on the message board I hang out (and was shamelessly plugging him on since I got him) fell in love, and said she wanted him.

I was happy, but very sad about the whole thing. He had come to take up a nice spot in my house, and was quite a little love bug. I knew that there was no keeping him with out severely disrupting my kitty household. Ollie had already expressed his displeasure at the "intruder" by randomly beating up other kitties simply for existing. Ok and he drooled.. I am NOT a fan of drooling.. (which is kinda like saying I didn't like a guy cause he wore loud pants.. no big deal, but I had to focus on something to steel my heart)

We brought him down to MA on Saturday. I had gone over to the shelter to make sure the paperwork was all settled (which it wasn't) and while I was doing that my Dh was going to clean out his litter box so we could bring it with him as it was a really large box. When I got home from the shelter, Bear ran to 'his room' (where his box had been and where he had been staying) and meowed quite pitifully. He seemed to know what was going on. Since he didn't know what was coming, and he liked where he was, he started to lay a guilt trip on me. didn't want to get in the box, meowed quite sadly and made guilt eyes at me.

Once we got on the highway, I let him out of his carrier so I could pat him and tell him it was going to be ok. I am not a fan of pets out of carriers in cars, but I figured if we got in an accident it wouldn't be pretty anyway, and what really were the chances if Bear was good. I figured if he tried to roam about the cabin I'd just lock him back up.

Well he climbed up on my lap, and looked out the window. It was a little odd, because when things caught my attention, I would see Bear's head whip about to look at what ever it was I was looking at. He tried to get up in the window and sit on the dash board, but I wouldn't let him. He tried to look in the back, and I wouldn't let him, so he settled for sitting on my lap and occasionally looking out the window. He would pant from time to time, so I kept adjusting the air conditioning vents to blow on him and he'd stop. After about an hour - and when I was properly covered in Bear fur, he slowly started to migrate to the seat next to me. He just sat there very calmly. Didn't meow, didn't fuss, didn't try to get into places he shouldn't. Just a smart good kitty. We finally made our destination, and I had to laugh. We were looking to meet up with a specific type of car. One came in that was a different color, but looking at it I saw it had a pro animal bumper sticker. Then after the exchange was made, there was another car with a animal bumper sticker, and a third car with a license plate of "PURRR" It seems the universe was letting me know it was going to be OK.

But I do miss him.. and his silly ways of being very cautious on the bed.. the drool.. the happy purr at being able to be a kitty.. heck, even the 'scratching' of the furniture and bed. I don't miss having to lock him up to make sure he had access to food, and I don't miss Ollie being spastic..

I know I did the right thing.. but I just hate when the right thing hurts so much..

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