Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well, yesterday was NOT a good day for my old man. I came home to vomit from the hallway, through the kitchen, through the dinning room, into the solarium, and found Ollie in the new sunroom laid out like he had had a rough day.

I went about my evening routine, and realized he wasn't following me around like he (and all my other cats) do. So I went to find him, and he was in the exact same spot. He felt warm, but it was over 80 in the house, so I tried to tell myself he was just a little over worked from the hairball that was expelled in the dinning room. I turned on the A/C and brought him in the bedroom. He didn't want to be there and immediately left, so I figured he wasn't dying. I finished up my evening work out, and had dinner, and he was still just sitting where he ran off to.

So I took his temp, it was 104.5!! OMG.. well he fought me to have his temp taken, so I knew he had some fight in him, so I figured I'd take it again in the morning and call out of work if need be. I also gave him some Pepcid to try to settle his stomach.

This morning he was up and about being his old self. I knew there was no way he was going to let me take his temp, and I knew that was a good thing.. so I'm just going to keep a good eye on him and make sure there are no other symptoms..

I mean he is a black kitty, and he was laying in the sun for an extended period of time cause he wasn't feeling well.. so maybe he just over heated himself instead of having an internal fever..

Ollie had a habit of eating insulation (don't ask me why.. he just likes it) so that always concerns me (yes, understatement) and he became constipated several years ago (that was a bad situation) but this time someone had left Bear's bag of DM out, and it was chowed on extensively, and most of his vomit was processed (ok digested) D/M and there was a LOT of it.. so hopefully the silly boy just ate till he made himself sick.

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