Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My kitties and the strange visitor

We had company last night. My Dh's sister (the owner of his kidney) and her husband and their 1.5 yr old granddaughter..

now, I'm not a person who is particularly fond of kids and babies, but this little girl is obnoxiously cute.. and she just got cuter as the night wore on.

Because it was late in the evening (or maybe because they hadn't yet had dinner) most of my kitties decided running and hiding the whole time wasn't the best course of action. Usually they all scatter, and then Jack might stop by and beg for treats (yes, I think he was a dog in another life) from the strangers... but this time it was Tweedle who was first out! It was soo funny. Tweedle started walking towards us, but then the baby saw her, and started walking out toward Twee. Well Twee had NO idea what to make of it, and froze. Well this made the baby freeze too. So then we had two frozen beings staring at one another. There was no distracting either one of them.. Her GM called the baby, I called Twee.. Nope.. stuck in a stairing contest. Finally GM got up and took the baby's hand and led her away. I ended up being covered in cats.. Jack, Twee and Kit all came to me for comfort. Eli checked them out from down the hall... which is actually quite impressive. Ollie and Muff were no where to be seen.

We then proceeded downstairs, where a game of Wii Golf ensued. the men played, the women watched and played with the baby and the kitty. Kit came down. The baby found all the cat toys, and had fun throwing them. Kit wasn't sure what to make of it, and didn't want to get TOO CLOSE to the baby, but did want to play with the balls. They even had a good game of chase going on .. baby chasing kit, kit chasing baby..

What was so amusing though, is the baby goes on pause if something bad/negative happens to her. She doesn't cry, doesn't fuss, doesn't look around in wonderment.. nothing. Just sits or stands or stays in the position she landed in as if frozen in time. so bizzare, but so cute.

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