Monday, October 20, 2008

Kittunz r ebil

Yes, yes, I know. You'd think by now I'd be immune to their powers, heck even partially immune would be good.. but noooo.. I go to the shelter yesterday to get food, and I see this little fluff ball who needs me. She is mostly a DLH regular ol tiger kitten, but with a splash of orange on her forehead, face, nose.

Her eyes are almost invisible with all the swelling of her her conjunctiva, there is puss oozing out of them. She's congested, and miserable, but she craves attention to the non-existence of every other need. I finally got her to sleep, but she wanted me just to pat and snuggle her.

I'm thinking of calling her Flurp (Fleurp?)

Her ears are packed with junk too. I'm amazed she can see and hear anything.

so this makes four sets of fosters at the house, and 15 cats..

but they sucker you in with their cuteness...

pictures to come when I get her home.

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