Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kitten Therapy.

OMG I am so head over heals for these orphan kittens. I should have known better than to take them when they sat at the edge of their cage calling to me all those weeks ago.

Thankfully I still have Muffin threat to kill me in my sleep if I take in any more cats.

My little Pad-Thai
This morning I was quite out of it from a bad night's sleep (see previous post) and I stumbled down stairs to feed them. I decided just to sit on the couch and tickle Paddington (aka Pad-Thai) for a few moments. Pad is a love. you put him on his back and he almost immediately starts to fall asleep. Pad has a small hernia, so I'm a little concerned about him, but he's fine. I just worry. But he is an absolute love, and friggen adorable. So this morning I was snuggling him, and Cordoroy decided that he needed to be in my face, and since he had to stand on top of Pad to be there, that is what he did. It was so funny, but as I'm a little cautious of Pad, a little concerning too. So I took him and put him down on the other side of me, and he immediately climbed back up. I think he thought my nose had to die or something, cause he was a little obsessed. I then took him and put him on the floor, and he popped right back up.

Cordory is another one who kills me. Yesterdy he was goosing me, reaching in my jeans to play with the tag or my undies, I have no idea what.. he makes me laugh so hard. He likes to pat my face, and put his paw on my lips and nose. This morning he was a little rough, and after Pad left to go nurse, he was attacking me, and I finally said "NO" then "OW" and he stopped, and looked so concerned. if I had been a cartoon, that would have been the point when I would have been slain by the cuteness.

Tessie is a doll. She's also obsessed with straws. I brought a drink down, and put it off to the side while I trimmed nails. While I wasn't looking, she jumped up and grabbed the straw out of my drink.. Now of course this caused my drink to fall and get everywhere, but she was so proud of herself for getting the straw, I couldn't be mad at her. She ran around trying to keep her prize from her siblings. Growling, hoarding, it was just too funny.

Noddy is a little momma's boy. He likes to sit near me. He also likes to look at me. I think he finds comfort in just being near me. He does play and rough house, but he usually spend a good chunk of the time I'm in the room just being near me. This morning it was on my shoulder.

Googly Bear is a cutie pie too. Loves to be in the frey of wrestling. She was in the kitten pile I had on my lap this morning and every morning. Her markings are still quite distinctive, the white rimming around her eyes like excessive white eyeliner..

Weslee is quite the terror. I have yet to figure out if she knows she is bigger than her older room mates or not. but she does love to wrestle now. I can't seem to figure out if it would be best to adopt her out with someone or by herself. I guess it really depends on how much attention she is going to get. Because new things freak her out, I think that unless her new owners are going to dote on her 24/7 it might not be a bad idea to have another kitty with her to keep her settled. She is really starting to love to chew on toes. She is almost of size to go back to be altered and go up for adoption. I'm thinking of holding her back though because a) her mom is nursing the orphans and b) she's so beautiful she'll be adopted right quick no matter how large she is. I took her to the shelter last week when I brought the kittens for an update of their frontline. Showed her rabbits, and guinea pigs, and even showed her dogs - although from far away. Rabbits were ok, but everything else got hissed at.

Buttercup - she is still such a kitten herself. she LOVES to play with the kittens, but you can tell she is restraining herself to keep from hurting them. I so want her to go with someone who will tap into that kittenness in her and get her playing hard. She loves attention, but still can't handle being held in any way shape or form. She still has problems with two hands being on her. I can't help but wonder what happened to her.

So that was my morning. Covered in kittens, being bitten, and wrestled on, laughing and watching the mayhem. sometimes I wonder why I still foster, because it is so hard sometimes, and I get burnt so easily lately.. then mornings like this happen, and I remember why.

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