Wednesday, October 29, 2008

OMG Ollie is MAD at me!!

out and out mad at ME! giving me the evil eye, blaming it all on me.. *hangs head* I'm sorry buddy.. Just wanted to make sure you were well..

He got one tooth removed. Last night he was beyond drunk with seditives. Almost seemed like the leg they operated on was asleep too, as he had a very hard time controlling it.

He went down stairs and hid under the pool table. We got him back upstairs, and I offered him some treats, but I think he couldn't see very well because he had the worst time trying to get his mouth around them.

we went downstairs to watch some tv, and I brought out one of the kittens to play with tweedle, but while we weren't looking Ollie made it back down stairs and was under the pool table again and he did not like the kitten being around. He made a strange soft little noise, so off that I didn't recognize it for what it was at first. Took a second one for me to come to the 'rescue' and yes, he was mad at me for that too "stoopid mom for letting stoopid kitten out.. grump grump grump"

I tried to pick him up at one point, and he really swore at me then.

So I went to bed..

Turns out he didn't hate me so much that he was willing to forgo the heat of the bed.. unfortunately I moved, and once again he got ticked off.

I just couldn't win.

couldn't this morning either. He allowed me to grovel at him and beg his forgiveness, but he didn't bestow it upon me. His leg still seemed to be asleep - or at least all pin and needly.. If it is off tonight, I'll call the vet in the morning..

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