Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Benny is so very amusing. And this one she didn't even have any control over.

It is a full moon, and I often have problems sleeping on a full moon. Last night was no exception.

This morning I was walking through a fog. Benny couldn't have cared, she wanted breakfast and she wanted it NOW thank you very much you lowly human slave.. :)

For the past week she's been giving me non diabetic BG readings, in the 50s and 60s. I decided not to test her yesterday morning and just fed her. I tested her last night and got a 99. I decided to hold off on insulin and see what she read in the morning.

So that is where I was when I was in this fog. But, the testing went well, and she threw me a 91. Lower than the 99. Then I remembered the full moon and how a lot of diabetic kitties often throw weird numbers around a full moon, so I looked at her chart and counted back 28 days, and found her numbers were the highest they ever were then. So I decided to hold off on the insulin.

I went to feed her, and in the process of opening the can I sliced open my finger. I didn't even realize I was bleeding till I felt it start to drip. I thought what the heck, and I tested my own BGs. and I too got a 91! :) just too funny.

someone get me some caffiene!

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