Monday, October 27, 2008

foster updates

Benny: I found a sample bag of "low carb dry food" I tested her before I gave it to her. 95. tested after a day of letting her nibble at it, 110. another test a day later was 106.. so not great.. but not excessive either. I'm letting it go another day and will test her tonight to see if I feel comfortable saying she can eat this and be diet controlled. Since she isn't really eating it, but just having a few nibbles, it could be used as treats.

Fleurp: oh how this kitten makes me laugh. She's not very good at jumping out of the smaller tub, but when I left the shower door cracked a bit, she found a way out. She has D*E*T*E*R*M*I*N*A*T*I*O*N!!! I gave her a bath the other day. She took it just fine, but acted quite ticked at me afterwards, but her need of love quickly over came her "OMGoodness I'm TICKED and WET!!" attitude. She is eating very well on her own now. She has a pot belly and you can feel her bones through her fluff, so I dewormed her. Hopefully that will get things working in the right direction. She's now on atropine as well. I think I might see some improvement. I also saw a cloud on the other eye this morning. Might have just been a piece of normal mucus, but to be safe I threw some antibacterial ointment in there. She's also quite lonely. I hope she becomes non contagious soon, she needs a companion!

Buttercup and Weslee: goodness these two are neurotic! Mom LOVES attention but absolutely positively do not hold her. She'll crawl up into your lap, but only one hand at a time for your own safty and her comfort. Wes is pure fluff, but you try to enjoy that fluff, and you find her sharp and pointy bits immediatly. She's also huge. 3lbs 3 oz. her feet are massive.. she's going to be a big one! She still very much looks like a kitten, so I think I'm going to keep her another week and send her back with half of the orphans.

Orphans: Cordory is 2lbs 11 oz so he's ready to go. Paddington is very close, and is probably there now. Tessie is also flirting with the weight requirement to go back. Now I LOVE these kittens.. they are gentle, kind, sweet, and love human attention. If I'm in there alone, I usually end up with all five of them on me. But once again, Muffin's threat to kill me weighs on my mind. Goo and Noddy are 2lbs and 1lb 11oz, so they will be with me for a while longer. They are a beautiful matched pair too. He's redder than she is, but that's about the only difference. Goo's white lining around her eyes which was so prominate when she was younger is there, but not quite so prominate.

I'm thinking next week we'll send back Buttercup, Weslee, Cord, Pad-Thai, and Tessie. I'll keep Goo and Noddy, and maybe *crosses fingers* mix them with Fleurp.

I'm also flirting with the idea of changing's Goo's name to Tessie (since she is the friend of Noddy in the story book) and finding a new name for Tess.

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