Wednesday, November 12, 2008

There are kittens in the house.

I decided to let the kittens out of the kitten room last night. I sat in the basement right in front of the kitten room (it is our media area, with big comfy chairs and big screen tv) and I watched a little TV while they explored.

Noddy was having fun, and Fleurp was having fun, but Goo was all puff. She bottlebrushed her tail and most of her back. Mostly it was at my cats who just looked at her like she was baked.

Kit so very much wanted to play, but knew they were freaked, so she just tried to be as close as possible with out freaking them out.

Muffin didn't care if she freaked them out at all. She was spending time with Mommy and these stupid kittens could go jump off a cliff (hiss hiss)

the kittens stayed very close to me. First it was to inspect my dinner - Fleurp was totally into finding out what I was eating (and no, she's not graceful about it) but later as the empty plate sat unattended, the other two got into it. got so bad I had to cover up the plate with a magazine (I had garlic cauliflower and didn't want them in it) which of course was great fun, because it was unstable when they stood on it.. silly kittens.

Goo is VERY human dependant. I think she is even more so than Blueberry was. Most of the time she was either on my lap, on my chest, in my face or on my shoulder. purring, rubbing, and being a general love bug. Noddy is to a much lesser degree. Fleur really wanted to run around, but she occasionally stopped by for a patting.

*I can not have nine cats!!!*

When I decided to put them away, I gathered them up one at a time and put them in the cage (so they couldn't escape - which they would have). I had to chase Kit out of the room too. I finally got them all in the room and opened the cage for them so they could have dinner, and I turned around and saw Ollie sitting very quietly and very still on the ottoman - I'm assuming he was hoping not to be noticed. He was cheezed when I removed him from the room. Of course he would have been more cheezed if I had left him in there too.. so I could not have won :)

Kit is a little distressed. her daddy has been out of the house since Monday morning. She and Jack were squabbling this morning.. She will be very glad when he comes home tonight.

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