Sunday, November 2, 2008

interesting development with Fleurp

Now this was interesting. I left Fleurp to run around the bathroom today. she's so full of energy and life and vim and vigor, so I thought she could use the room. When I went in to see her this afternoon she attacked my ankles and just wanted to play. Tonight though, she had something weird going on on her nose. It looked like she sliced the fur right off it. I freaked, and took her into the kitchen to get a better look (which I felt bad about because with that bad eye she doesn't much like strong light)

it was barely hanging on, so I gave a soft tug, and it came right off. The top side is all fur, the bottom side was all scab. the small patch of bare skin on her nose had a very small scab / wound in the middle of the patch. Even more examination revealed a small scab/wound under her chin.

So now I'm left to wonder if her eye isn't a result of an attack, and not the herpies virus.. I'm going to mention it to the shelter (and take in the scab) and see what they have to say about this.

These photos were pre scab.. but I thought I'd share them.
Fleurp in the tub

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