Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tweedle and Muffin

this is getting worse and worse, and I'm not sure what to do about it.

Poor Tweedle has been lost since Emerald died. Twee used to hang out and gain a lot of comfort from Em. I was scared when Em died, that Twee would go into mourning, but she never really did. She seemed to accept that Em just wasn't around.

Then she started to bond to Ollie. It was a weird pairing, but it seemed to work out.

But apparently it didn't, and Twee has turned to Muffin.

Now Muffin is very fickle. Sometimes it is great that she is being worshiped by Twee, other times Twee is in her air space and that is cause for extreme reaction. Fortunately Muffin runs away - unfortunatly Tweedle doesn't understand and thinks it is a game of chase and goes after Muff.

This ticks Muffin off even more, and she starts to hiss and swat at Twee - who still doesn't understand and still goes after her.

Muffin will not allow this, and Twee will not stop it. Usually I have to yell at them and intervein. I try not to do it often because I know this will happen when I am not around and need them to find a work around that works.

But this morning it got VIOLENT. I was scared. I can't much fault Muffin for wanting her space, and defending it, and I can't much fault Twee for wanting attention.. I'm usually yelling at Muffin for hissing, but I know I shouldn't. So this morning I told them to stop it, and I threw Tweedle in the spare room we were near and locked her in there for about an hour.

She was scared of me for the rest of the morning, and in the afternoon when I stopped home for lunch. I know she doesn't understand.. but I don't know what to do to make her understand... she is challenged


I'm actually considering adopting - or at least fostering an older cat from the shelter to see if Twee will bond with that. She and Kit don't play together, which is one reason I got Kit..

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