Monday, November 10, 2008

Goodbye my sweet kittens

Buttercup, Wes, Pad, Cord, and Tess went to the shelter on Sunday for adoption. Tess was the only one who got a home. A very nice home too.

Then the shelter realized that when I told them that Wes was infested with fleas I wasn't kidding. So they quarantined all of them for 36 hours after applying frontline (FL doesn't work on Wes, so they were going to get Advantage for her today - hence the 36 hours)

So they are at the shelter.. and I am sad.

but, I can't keep them all. I can only pray they get good stable homes. I can't imagine that people who aren't stable financially at this point would be going to a shelter to adopt anyway, they'd be looking for "free" kittens.. That is the one upside of not having to find homes for them myself. if people are willing to pay the fee, then that says something.

Tess went home with another female kitten from another foster home. Adoption fees are $99 for one, or $160 for two. She came with two of her children. She liked Tess, her daughter liked the other, and she just said "oh what the heck" and took both. This after adopting one a few months ago and not thinking they had room for more than that one. So this will be a house with four cats and a dog and three kids :) Tess should have fun.

Noddy and Goo are so cute all alone in that room. Two halves of the same coin those two are. I introduced Fleurp to them on Thursday, and it went well with these two, but not the rest of the crew, so when they were alone, I brought her back down.

Kit isn't impressed that Fleurp isn't in the bathroom. She wants her upstairs where she can play with the kitten.

I bought Fleurp a new toy - a stuffed fish at the end of a elastic string on a pole. Well Noddy decided it was HIS, and he was going to kill anyone who tried to take it away from him. I hate that kind of possessiveness (even if it is funny) so I took it away from him.

I think I told you before how Fleurp would escape from her room (which is why Kit waits for her) well I took a video of it. It isn't that great a quality, but you'll get the idea.

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