Monday, November 3, 2008

Fleurp scared me

Last night I went into the bathroom to feed her, and she seemed to have sliced a chunk of fur off her nose. I grabbed her up and ran into the kitchen for better light..

Turned out it was just a scab that had healed and fallen off - thank goodness it wasn't a fresh wound.

Further inspection showed a small scab on the under side of her chin.

so now I'm left to wonder if her eye isn't an issue due to some sort of attack instead of some sort of virus..

and since she's been so good in the main room (as opposed to stuck in the bath tub) I decided to let her out full time. Kinda had to, since she doesn't want to jump back in the tub to use the litter box, so she went pee on my smock.. *rolls eyes*

So I set her up in the main part of the bathroom, and cleaned out the tub. I went to take a shower this morning.. word of advice, if you are going to plan on taking a shower in your previously set up web cam'ed tub, make sure you unplug the camera before you get in. Fortunately I did.. but it wasn't for lack of trying. I turned the shower on, and thought about putting my towel on the bar, but thought the wire (to the cam mind you) might push it off.. it wasn't until the actual cam itself fell and hit the inside of the shower that you saw me move faster than all get out and get that thing unplugged.

Not that anyone watches it.. and not if that anyone had been (cause they were watching an empty tub up to that point why would they?) they would have seen anything other than maybe a pasty white chick shaped object cause I need to clean the soap scum off the walls :)

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