Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well now this is interesting. over the weekend Fleurp came down with a little congestion. It was all internal - her eyes were bright, her nose clear, etc - but it was getting louder, so I brought her into the shelter for a once over.

The shelter manager thought that it might be nasal - and might be a polup. But on the off chance she broke with something she gave me some antibiotics.

Well she never did.

and last night when I went to clean out Fleurp's ear, there was puss like material and she was very sensitive about the whole thing.

So, she's schedualed for a re-check with her eye tomorrow and we are going to have them look at that.

except for the fact she's weezing you wouldn't know that she's sick. She's so spunky and such trouble. and when she's done being trouble she's qutie loving.

no no no I can't have another cat!!

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