Monday, December 15, 2008

scared silly

well it has been a fun couple of days.. *rolls eyes* I'm up in New England, and we have been covered in ice for the past few days, which results in no power. I hate no power. I tried to be brave and strong, but I just couldn't do it. Thankfully it came on yesterday..

So Jack has been doing pretty good. I will need to get him rechecked in a short while.. just to make sure.

The new fosters, I've named Happiness (the black one) and Joy. Happy has become quite sick, and is now skin and bones. I force fed her yesterday and again this morning. She actually purred. I think I might have brought her around just by filling her tummy. Joy - who I thought would be turned first - is convinced I'm killing her sister and still doesn't much like me.. *shrug*

Weslee and Buttercup are back at the house. Butter came down with a URI at PetSmart, and was blowing snot bubbles. so once the power came back on I brought her home and set them up in the office with the kittens (I figured the kittens were already sick) this morning I pilled her as I did yesterday, and she started to balk at having been pilled. I tried to distract her with some food, and she went to have a sniff (or a bite?) and she fell over on to the food, then fell off the chair she was sitting in. Her legs went all stiff. She seemed to want to control herself, but couldn't. I tried scruffing her to help her calm down a little. Once she started getting a handle on herself, she REALLY freaked out and caught my thumb with her claw. I let her go and she ran off under the chair.

It was so bizarre. Some part of my brain stayed in complete control while this was all going on. I remember thinking, why is she falling off the chair?? then it was, she's freaking out, must keep her calm...

when it was all done, the adrenaline running through my body was friggen incredible. I was shaking, my stomach was doing flips.. I wanted to go see Butter and see how she was doing, but I was afraid to move for fear that I'd fall over..

fortunately we both calmed down and she's seems to be ok, and I seem to be ok, but I have to tell you, I'm friggen starving. I ate my lunch two hours early.. this does not bode well for later in the day - but I'm just hoping I'll be getting Butter later in the day so I'll be distracted..

I don't know if we'll ever know why it happened (unless it happens again) but I'm thinking she's got a temp to go with that URI, and maybe it got so high that it caused a problem. I mentioned that to the shelter tech so hopefully they'll take her temp and see what's going on there.. I'll go get her tonight

Happiness and Joy are set up on my web cam. and they have been sleeping all morning - which is good if not uneventful.

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