Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy is not so Happy

Poor thing is absolutely miserable. Can't seem to shake this cold. She is completely blocked on her left nostril, and her right is getting pretty darn close. Even the nasal drops I'm using don't help her. she's eating, but not enough to sustain her, so I'm forced to keep force feeding her. I don't mind, but it would be nice to not have to. Joy is doing fine, not a hint of illness.

Three things really freak me out about Happiness. first, she's always laying down. I rarely see her do anything else, and usually if she is, it is because I've just handled her. Second, she's usually laying in the litter box. I put a box in the cage for them to lay in, but she prefers the litter box. third, when she is in the box, she's usually propped her head up.. it's really bizarre, and sometimes she looks quite dead. Really, the dead kitten game is old, please stop it, and get healthy!!

Both Butter and Wes had liquid stool, so I tried to get them to eat some Kefir, but it was no go. I tried mixing it into their food, and they each had a few bites, but then it was covered up under everythingn they could use to cover it with, including an old towel, and the shreds from the paper shredder - and lets not forget to mention the paper shredder itself. *rolls eyes* but.. we had a nice formed stool in the litter box this morning, so I'm going with it wasn't a complete waste.

Fleurp is also doing better. She's not breathing as hard, and her ears are missing that o'de puss not to mention the puss itself. So antibiotics are helping.. but will it return when the course is done??

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