Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happiness ate!!

I'm watching Happiness and Joy on my webcam while at work. I must admit, it frightens me to do so. What if I see something happen? I mean Happy is sick, what if I believe she died while I'm watching?? I can just imagine trying to run home.. oh the horror..

but I watch anyway.. cause for the most part (ok never) they don't die, and I like knowing what is going on.

Happy has been pretty miserable since I got her home. no energy, all fur and bones. She's too weak to even hiss at me. She tenses up a bit when I go to pick her up, but she's mostly in the "what ever" stage - which is never good - so she's been pretty easy. I've been filling her belly up by forcing A/D in her mouth twice a day till her belly blows up.. she takes it pretty well. Even got her purring afterwards as I gave her a little kitten massage (I'm a big fan of kitten stimulation for sick kitties)

Joy is not sick, and is eating well and getting quite robust. She's comfortable enough in her surroundings that now she wants to play. I gave her a mouse, but she likes a more interactive toy - aka her sister. It's heartbreaking to watch Joy pounce on Happiness knowing how miserable Happy is, but then again I keep thinking that maybe the exercise and stimulation will do her good.

So this morning I filled Happiness up, and put her back in the cage.. she immediately hunkered down for a nap. Joy immediately pounced on her. I asked her to play nice, but all morning Joy pounced all over Happy. Happy just took it.

around 2 pm, I was watching at work, and I was watching Joy pounce on her more, and Happy got up and walked toward the food bowl. The phone rang, and I answered it giving my spiel, and in the middle of it Happy took a bite. took every fiber of my being to not scream in delight. I finished the call and then jumped up and down.. I'm so very glad she's eating. She ate for quite a long time too..


and to get even better, Weslee was FULL OF IT this morning. She was so mellow while Butter wasn't feeling well, but now that Butter is out and getting attention, Wes is full of vim and vigor again.. the office was not designed to contain Wes. It can handle some rambunctious kittens, but Wes is ... well she's "Crazy Girl" :) Hopefully Buttercup will mend up right quick and they can go back up for adoption (and find a home this time, cause they so deserve it!

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