Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just when you think you are at the end of your rope

Last night was NOT fun. I had so very much on my todo list, and none of it was fun..

then Buttercup wouldn't come out from under the chair, she didn't want to be medicated, she didn't want to eat, etc *sigh* Weslee is all depressed that her mom is all depressed.. hopefully I can get them fixed up right quick.

Happiness eats for me when I force feed her, which is good. Joy doesn't so much, but she's healthy and eating on her own, so I can understand that. I just wanted to try to bond with her, and providing food is a quick way to do that. I got both Happy and Joy purring, but Joy still is quite fearful of me

Fleurp is a pip, but she's breathing harder and harder, and she's got puss in her ear again.I hope we can get the shelter to take care of this before I officially adopt her (aaak! that is the first time I said that. I am insane to think I should even try to have seven cats!)

so last night was overwhelming, I kept beating myself up for taking on so much. Even with the little I have to do for Christmas, it is still a lot. and Butter was non responsive to me - if not mad at me for causing her seizure (not that I did mind you) Wes was grumpy, Happy and Joy were hissing at me.. well this morning Butter ate for me, came out and used the litter box.. Happiness ate really well for me, and she's playing (I have the web cam set up to watch them)

*happy sigh* sometimes you do get the silver lining..

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