Friday, December 19, 2008

Happiness is holding her own

Well color my face red. Last night I had a little scare with my own kitties, so I needed to call them all in one place to count them and make sure they were all ok. I took out a bag of dry food (which I have been using as treats but have refrained from giving out since Jack started having urinary issues)

I thought it might not be a bad idea to introduce dry food to the kittens so they have a little extra something to snack on. I absolutely believe that wet food is better for them and will help Happiness get over her URI faster, but honestly eating anything is better than eating nothing. Besides, since they will be adopted out to the general public who chances are will feed dry food, they needed to recognize it as food.

Well I shouldn't have worried. I put the bowl in the cage and Happiness IMEDIATELY started noming on it. She filled her tummy right up. *shrug* Guess sometimes you just need junk food.. :)

She made some improvements when I was force feeding her, but when she started to eat on her own, I thought she was on the mend. Well she hasn't made any additional improvements, and spends most of the day just laying on her side looking pathetic and sick. So last night (after she ate the dry) and again this morning I filled up her tummy.

Joy is still VERY skittish. She doesn't much like change. If I'm holding her she's ok. If she's in the cage she's mostly ok - I still frighten her sometimes just walking by. but she hates being picked up, and she hates being put back. I even put her on the table to see how she'd do in front of me instead of in my arms. She was ok being on the table, but FREAKED when I went to pat her - and I had just taken my fingers off her a second before. She is going to take a lot of work to bring around. However she does seem to like Weslee. If I didn't think it would take an hour to recapture her and return her to the cage I'd let them play together.

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