Friday, December 19, 2008

I am SO glad Weslee is not my cat

this kitten is freakin insane!! no.. really. Mentally unbalanced.. *rolls eyes*

She's cute as all get out, and she loves people.. she just really REALLY loves eating ankles and toes. She is not gentle in the least, and has no idea why I'm screaming in pain when she attacks me. I trimmed her nails this morning - which in and of itself was a job. She does not like to be restrained. But several firm NO!s and I got through it. this will help a bit. but I've got her for a few more days while Butter finishes up her antibiotics.

Buttercup has stopped blowing snot bubbles which is good. Her eye is still weeping a little and she's a little on the thin side. She so needs a home.. hopefully once we get her well there will be one waiting for her, as several people inquired about her while I was going to get her from the adoption center.

As cute as Wes is, I'll be glad to see her go back. and I'll say it again, who ever adopts them (because they are bonded they are required to go together) will adopt because Wes is so beautiful, but will end up loving Butter more..

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