Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Happy Picture Time

I can't seem to find my new camera.. It's got to be around here somewhere.. so I took a couple of shots with the old one..

I brought her downstairs to the other kitties.  Her own brothers were very interested in to see her, sniffing her and wanting to engage her in play, but she isn't quite ready for that yet.  So I brought her back upstairs to hang out in the office for a while.  Gave her a nice pillow and my favorite kitten room towel to lay on, and she made herself at home.  She even... used the litterbox!!!
 yea yea yea.. invasion of privacy, but you have no idea... well if you have dealt with sick cats at all, maybe you do have an idea of how much of a relief that is. 

I called the vet and the bloodwork came back as clean.  They also said she is making her own red blood cells so if we can get her through the next 48 hours she should be ok.  Still critical at this point, but oh so adorable while doing it.

My own crew misses me.  I'm going to go sit in the basement for a while, watch some TV and hand out some treats..

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