Friday, July 2, 2010

first there were three...

Quick update with out photos..

So I took the June fosters in to be tested.  They tested Zander, and he was negative, so all is good.  I'm not a fan of single kitten testing, but c'est la vie.  Their mom is still at the shelter and has been stuck in a cage (with all her feral-ly glory) and hasn't gotten sick, so I'm going to go with they are fine.

Shelter manager introduced me to the litter she wanted me to take.  Two medium hairs, one looks like a little clone of Muffin and oddly enough her sibling looks like one of Muff's siblings (who I didn't adopt), and two short haired ones that also look like siblings - but they do not look like all four came from the same batch.  Could they? sure.  Did they? I'm not so sure.  The short haired kittens hang out together and the medium hairs hang out together.  Seeing as all four of them are in that small cage, and I can tell that, I'm going to go with they weren't a foursome when they came into the shelter.  But they came in as a group of 19 cats surrendered, so if they came from the same home.

I heard a few sneezes on the way home, and I'm not comfortable with mixing litters (but I don't really have the option to run two separate rooms of kittens with the treatments I am giving Ollie) so I put the new crew in the cage.  I'm not quite sure how long I intend to leave them there.  They did well last night, not destroying anything, so they might last a few days.

the short hairs are VERY elegant looking.  They remind me of Eddie from a few years ago (one of my first sets) that had such sleek hair that I named him after the talking horse. They have huge eyes and small heads.. I can't wait to get some photos of them. 

they are all about the same size.  The mediums are the same size as Z, and the smaller short hairs are the same size as Buffy..

Oz seemed interested in the kittens, but was easily distracted away from them (he self distracted, I didn't have to interfere at all) other then that the current kittens were not acting any different.

I gave O, B and Z science diet food last night.  They dug right into it, but there was more then half of it left this morning.  They were so hungry that when I went in this morning they actually started eating the left overs (not all of them, just O)  Yet again SD fails to impress hungry growing kittens.  Such a shame a "leading cat food company" can't make a product kittens will eat.

I'm sure you are wondering why I went against my own rule of mixing litters.  Yes, the fact that the shelter was crowded was part of it.  And feeling like a hero to the shelter was another (she sure does know how to say thank you.. :D) and fostering another kitten that looks like Muffin has it's appeal, but the main reason was I'm falling head over heals for Z.  He's SUCH a love, SUCH a manipulator, and has such a whole hearted "I LOVE YOU" purr.. I can NOT keep another kitten, and I figured with four other kittens to distract him, he might not be so focused on me.

 The newbies in he cage.
I could only spot one of the other kittens.  Wonder where the other two are.  Probably behind the couch. .
totally time to pick up the foster room again.  I do not look forward to this with the kittens free as they always try to "help"

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