Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vet Visit

I really believe that taking my cats to the vet is much more stressful for me then then.  Yes, they have no idea what is going on, they get shoved into a carrier, then put into a car that is going really fast and that has got to be stressful, then they end up at a place that smells funny and someone pokes then and opens their mouth and all that jazz, but then they go home and get treats.  No stressing about it before they go, no worrying about them afterward to make sure the stress of it isn't going to cause problems..

So it was the annual trek to the vet.  Annual rabies shots for those who get vaccines (none for Ollie) and distemper for those who needed it (I do every three years save for the first booster the year after the kitten shots) Other then Twee having some tarter on her teeth (oh crap, what are we going to do about that since she has such horrid [deathly] reactions to anesthesia) and Muffin having a little conjuntivitis, everyone was very healthy.  Almost everyone did well with the trip down. There was the usual cacoffiny of mews, but poor Kit started drooling half way down.  I had her in my lap, and I did what I could to keep her dry.  On the way home we put her in the back where she couldn't see anything, and she did much better on the way home.

The main reason I went in the heat of summer was that Jack is still licking himself bald.  It started when he was having problems with his urine a while back, and it grew back but only peach fuzz... (I have no idea if that means that is all that will ever grow back or if he's still licking) but recently I noticed a second bald spot above his belly button... so I needed to make sure he wasn't having urinary tract discomfort.  Of course he had nothing in his bladder to test, so it was recommended that he spend the night - and that of course stressed me out all the more... if I could just explain it to them, I'd be so much better.

They were able to pull urine in the AM, and I was told it was "beautiful" and nothing was needed.  Dr thinks it is stress over Skippy joining the house, but I doubt that.  I think it has more to do with Jack just not getting the attention he is used to because of Ollie and the fostering. I am going to have to be much more careful about making sure Jack feels loved and special.  Hopefully that will put an end to the spraying.  He did it the other night.  It is so rare and random.. I was half asleep and had gone to the bathroom to go pee.. well he walked towards the corner of the bathroom, turned and sprayed before I even realized what he was doing.. I heard the urine running down the wall.  Hopefully I can put an end to this and the Brazilian job he's got going on..

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