Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kittens at Work

Since the owner has been in town, there have been no field trips for the kittens.  Now that he's back in Europe, the kittens came in on Monday for a short trip.  I just kept them here for a couple of hours since they are still dealing with diarrhea, and I so did not want to clean that up.

They did really well - except Willow.  They all almost immediately came out of the carrier and started with the mayhem.  They didn't leave my desk area for a while, but once they realized they had a huge office to run around on they did.

Zander LOVED sitting on top of a small but powerful fan my boss has going into her office.  I tried to get a photo of it, but he kept getting distracted.  It was just so funny to see him standin in the wind.. One of my co-workers didn't think it was very safe, but the outer casing of the fan had small enough holes that his abominable sized feet weren't going through (heck even Willow's feet wouldn't have)

Willow was fearful to leave the safety of my desk.  When all of the other kitties wandered away she would sit there and cry and ask them to come back.  She tried wandering off to find them at the desk behind me but they weren't there and she was so sad.  I tried to give her comfort, but she wanted her siblings.  Towards the end of the stay several climbed into the window that is near my desk and Willow was happy to join them.
About the time I was thinking of rounding them up, another co-worker called over to me to let me know that she had forgotten that kittens were in the office (because by this time they had quieted down ) until she got a little lick on her ankle.. How cute right?? well even cuter, Angel apparently decided her shoe was a really nice place to take a nap.  I didn't even see the other three in the photo until after the photo was taken.
Seven kittens in a carrier.. what a site. Probably a bit too many kitties for one carrier, but it is a short ride home and they love each other very much.. although they probably could have done with just a smidge more surface area to look out the front.

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