Thursday, July 8, 2010

why has no one told me my life is a soap opera??

I remember being rather young, and watching a daily soap.  I was old enough to pick up on the "cues" that the soaps give me so when  a woman said to her husband "I am so happy I have everything" I knew she was going to die.  This was pre internet, pre spoilers, etc, and sure enough, she flew off on a plane that crashed.

So when I said what are the chances that something bad could go wrong, why didn't you smack me?

Last night I gave the kittens a good dose of dewormer because the shelter saw round worms in the sample I brought in from Zander.    I watched them for a bit, and they were fine and I was tired so I went to bed.  When my husband got home several hours later, I sent him down to check on them, and they were doing just fine.

This morning though, Buffy was out flat.  She looked up at me, but then put her head back down.  I dished out the food and she didn't move.  I looked her over and realized her back end was covered in poop, so I got a towel and prepared to bring her upstairs for a bath.  Walking back over to her, I saw two poop smudges, like she had been trying to clean herself off.  I wisked her upstairs, and ran a bath.  I put her in, and she did not react.  Didn't care that she was in the bath.  She was responsive to me, but not to the water.  I did a good rinsing, and got her as clean as I could, then put her in the "sick kitten carrier" (an old carrier big enough for one kitten - you'll see it when I post her picture tomorrow) and made my breakfast and ran down to the shelter.

She was blowing snot bubbles, so the staff concentrated on that.  I tried to explain this wasn't URI, but I hadn't really seen the green snot she was blowing. I tried to explain how unresponsive she was and that was what I was concerned about, so they took her temp (99.3 - which is generally a little on the low side) and since she didn't have a fever, they sent me on my way with some antibiotics.

On the ride into work (I was going to bring her with me to watch) she c

she's in crisis.. more later

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