Saturday, July 3, 2010

Meet the newbies

The fluffies.  The gray is the girl, we named her Cordillia.  The black and white is the boy, we named him Spike.  (yes, I'm watching the Angel TV show on NetFlix right now)
The short haired kittens.  They don't yet have names.  Sadly the one you think would be the girl is actually the boy.  He is so beautiful, I almost want to give him a girl name anyway.  He'll probably end up being Angel.
I let them meet the other fosters on Friday.  It was touchy from the start since Zander really wasn't interested in new kitties... but once he realized he could play with them, he was much more interested.  I took a really long eight minute video.  I didn't want to overwhelm the blog so I uploaded it to YouTube. It is absolutely adorable..

Unfortunately though they are an absolute mess.  They were COVERED in flea dirt.  I didn't see it as heavily on the short haired kittens, but much more so on the fluffies.  So they got a bath today.  ALL of them were so bad they dripped red.  It was absolutely disgusting, and while I was lucky enough there were no live fleas, there was an extremely strong odor of cigarette smoke.  Poor babies had a very rough start of life.
This is the water from JUST Spike.  Truth be told, he wasn't even finished being rinsed off at this point either.  Figured it would be better to drain the water and rinse him under the running water. Each of them still smell pretty strongly and had some remaining visible flea dirt, so they'll be getting at least one more bath in the next day or two.

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