Friday, September 7, 2012

Eat kittens.. EAT!! we can't have skinny kittens

Well sadly the fab five are 'failing to thrive'.  They aren't getting sick and they aren't obviously dealing with this in any way other then they weigh the exact same amount today that they did when they showed up.  They are happy, they are playful, they are obnoxious.. so I'm not anywhere near worrying about them.

But someone or two someones has diarrhea (there are many well formed 'tootsies' as well as your poop-poop platters) and there has been some vomiting so I grabbed as good of a sample of the PPP as I could and took it down to the shelter.  They said they would call me if they found anything out of the ordinary (and no call came) and they sent me home with some dewormers for round worms (pretty standard - all kittens get strongid) and tape worms (cestex) so the kittens got their first taste of getting stuff shoved down them last night.  It went pretty well.  Only Niki overly reacted (why am I not surprised)

They also have not been eating well at all.  (did I mention these kitties have severe ADD??)
this is a toy right?
They are eating maybe a can and a half of Fancy Feast a day.  I give them a wide variety of flavors and textures and nothing really interests them.  So while I was at the shelter I grabbed a few different textures and I found a huge box of Honest Kitchen dehydrated food.

I have seen lots of recommendations for it lately and it was there so I figured it was fate.  I have tried it for The Crew, and they were less then impressed with it.  When I got home I mixed up a cup of it and let it sit for the recommended time and then dished a small amount on to a plate.  The Crew did the "YIPPIE!!" dance and sung and danced until I put the little plate on the floor.  In turn each one sniffed at it and then looked up at me as if to say "Are you freakin kidding me?  What is this??"  They all walked away.  Eli came back a few minutes later and gave it a few licks but even he was unenthusiastic.  I had higher hopes for the kittens.
Maybe if I hadn't called it 'slop' before putting it down??
So after I medicated them I gave them all a forced taste of it (by putting a little on my finger then putting it on their noses) and they all turned their noses up at it.  It was a little funny because they kept coming back to try it, and when one went to sniff at it, the others thought, hey, she is eating, it must be good, but no one got past the sniff stage.
Yum yum, you kittens are gonna LOVE this.. (right?)
Well this smells different
I'm not eating that slop
*sniff* *sniff* Why are you sniffing this??
I have no idea!
I also brought home a case of Royal Canin Gastrointestinal High Energy diet.  High energy, yup, they need that.  Something with their gastrointestinal tract in mind, yup, they need that.  I am NOT a fan of the ingredients, but I am a fan of anything that will work, so I popped open a can and gave it to them.  Yeah, thanks lady, but no thanks.

Fancy feast kitten.. Forgetaboutit..

Seriously guys, what on earth do you want???  Play is not food.. hey, get back here!!

*headinhand*  *sigh*  I am seriously hoping that deworming them will spur their appetite and it will be nothing but awesomeness from here..
Don't you wish this was you?
Does anyone feed Honest Kitchen?  Is there some magic trick to it??


  1. Oh, we have non-eaters as well and it is amazing how much different food they can refuse to it! A vet suggestested a tiny drop of Apaurin for a few days and that that should spark their appetite... we haven't tried that one. Two of my fosters have diarhea as well and I give them Royal Canin intestinal dry food and for wet food I buy the pouches instead of the can. THey love those!

  2. I shouldn't laugh, but been there done that. Would you believe the alcohol kittens wouldn't even eat a/d?? I have never had kittens walk away from that. I ended up feeding them chicken with cheese friskies canned. They don't like the tuna thanks....or turkey. argh.... :)

  3. how about keeping it simple and try kitten Whiskers and as a treat the juice from cooking meat dribbled over the top thats what I used to do for my old cat when he was a kitten worked a treat

  4. I hope you find the right magic food to fatten these wee little kitties up! They are so adorable!
    xo Catherine

  5. Yes, I believe you that the A kittens walked away from a/d! We have gourmet eaters like that, too!

  6. I finally gave in and gave Ling some tuna and she ate a little more than half a can. It's so frustrating when they don't eat.
    I bought Addiction Raw Dehydrated Food for Whisky which she loves. The cats like it too, even if it's not rehydrated.

  7. Where's "Mikey" when you need him.

  8. Goodness! I hope they start eating soon! I don't know how it looks to cats and kittens, but boy, that stuff did not look appitizing to my eyes.. Of course, neither does regular cat food!
    My kitties are on a cheese kick.. if there's not cheese in it, they give me a look like I'm depriving them.

  9. It sounds like a tough situation. Eat little kitties!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  10. :-( That's frustrating when they won't even eat Fancy Feast (aka, McDonalds for cats as I call it). I've never heard of Honest Kitchen, but it doesn't look too appealing.

  11. I have never heard of Honest Kitchen food but it looks - erm.. most interesting! LOL!!

    Oh I do hope the deworming will do the trick and that these sweeties find their appetites soon!

    Take care

  12. Goodness! I hope you find the magic formula!! xx

  13. I had a kitte who was so busy he would not stop to eat... Someone suggested warming his food so I microwaved it for a few seconds and he gobbled it up... Hope they start focusing on food more soon! Have trie Honest Kitchen for the puppy but she was not impressed... Ended up mixing in her dry food and that went better but it is not her favorite thing...

  14. I'm okay with any food, but fortunately Mom Julie doesn't experiment too much. We're an I*ms family because: a/ Stasia threw up the good stuff, I can't eat too much canned or I get the big "D"and that's all that seems to go over in this house. The canned is the N*wmans and we eat that just fine. Good luck with the food and their appetites! (Never heard of Honest Kitchen) Can you return it? The pet store here will take food back as long as it's 3/4 full if the pet doesn't like it. (Pet Life). At least that's what they told us.

    Tom & Mom Julie

  15. Anonymous10:39 AM

    That must be so frustrating--not really the same situation, but when we brought Sammie home he wouldn't drink any water.

    We had to keep pointing to the bowl to remind him.

    I think eventually they will come around, but hopefully you find something they can enjoy too.

  16. I've not heard of Honest Kitchen..but frankly that looks disgusting, can't say I blame the kittens. Mind you some of the stuff cats put in their mouths...

    Thankfully I've never had the problem with non-eaters, just over eaters. Good luck, I hope you find the magic food that gets them eating as they should.

  17. I've never heard of Honest Kitchen dehydrated food. Sounds like kittens don't want to know about it... I hope they will start eating well.
    When my Niko came to our house, he didn't eat anything..he was so scared. But boiled chicken warmed him up and he still loves it.

  18. To be honest the brown mixture isn't very appetizing MOL


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