Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mo' Cat Day

I've usually celebrated Mo' Cat Day by posting images of kitties I own or have fostered, but I thought I would do something a little different this year.
This is Emilene.  She is a Turkish Angora up for adoption in NJ
This is Juliette.  She is a Burmese up for adoption in FL
This is Mitts.  She is a polydactyl kitty up for adoption in IL.
This is Logan.  He is an American Curl available for adoption in NY 
Simon is an Applehead Siamese available for adoption in MN
Bila is listed as a Bengal and is available for adoption in MA
Champagne is a Himalayan available for adoption in MO
Bro & Sis are Ragdoll mix kittens up for adoption in NJ
Mese is a sweet Havana mix available for adoption in FL (don't you just love her fangs??)
Lily is a NEBELUNG!!! and is available for adoption in CA.
Painter is a Munchkin available for adoption in AK

Penny is a pure bred former show Cymric and is available for adoption in NJ
Kitten 7466 is available for adoption in CA.
Dutchess is listed as a Norwegian Forest Cat and is up for adoption in CA..
Minxy is a Singapura / Abyssinian mix and is available for adoption in CO
Franny and Zooey are bonded Sphynx kitties available for adoption in OK
photo by
This is Ingrid. S/he is a hermaphrodite and is FIV positive but an absolute beauty and is available for adoption in TX.

and last but by no means least..
This awesome little boy has an amazing story and while he's not quite ready for adoption, he will be soon.  If you are interested in learning more about him, check him out over at

There are currently almost 170,000 kitties up for adoption on PetFinder.  Your local shelter is more then likely filled with kitties right now and there is more then a good chance that your 'ideal' cat will be there.  I know that people want certain breeds of kitties, and I can totally understand.  But don't think you HAVE to get a pure bred cat from a breeder.  They are turned into shelters all the time.  There are breed specific rescues all across the country.

In the spirit of Mo' Cat day, if you can have mo' cats right now, please consider it.  If you can't, please mention it when ever you can if you hear someone thinking about a new kitty.


  1. This is an awesome way to celebrate Mo Cats Day! 'Cause there are LOTS of humans out there who need Mo Cats in their homes!

  2. Happy Mo Cats Day! Those cats up for adoption are beauties. We hope they get adopted soon. :)

  3. Happy happy Mo Cat Day!!! Awww these kitties are simply beautiful and deserve to find great homes and families asap!! Take care

  4. Happy Mo' Cats Day, from the Mo' Kats Lounge! What a great idea to feature a way for humans to adopt Mo' Cats!

  5. This is definitely the BEST way to observe Mo Cats Day! :)

  6. great way to celebrate Mo cats day,though I thought saber tooth cats were exstinct

  7. OH! I advertised some kitties today and I didn’t even know it was mo cats day lol xx

  8. What a lovely way to help all those beautiful kitties find their forever homes.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  9. Great way to celebrate Mo'Cats day. It is so sad to see so many cats and kittens who need to find their forever homes. Somehow the message that cats are not disposable pets needs to be heard more often and more completely.

  10. That Turkish Angora,Emilene, is one gorgeour girl! Of course, I'm a little biased as I'm a handsome Turkish Angora myself. Mom adopted me from a shelter too.


  11. I have never seen fangs like that. They are all sweethearts. I hope they all find forever homes. Mo cats, mo better.
    xoxo Kassey

  12. Oh my gosh, I want them all and more! Mo Cats! Happy Mo Cat's Day!

  13. We missed Mo' Cat day! We totally agree that adopting shelter cats is the only way to go. We three were all strays once and now look at us! Meow from Malaysia.

  14. 170,000 cats on Petfinder? Oh my, that's a lot of kitties looking for homes. We advocate rescuing kitties--and ourselves are not breed specific. Adopt don't buy!

  15. I support Mo-Cats Day too!


  16. I didn't know about Mo' Cats Day. Glad you did.

    And happier still that you included Ingrid with the links. That was a really great thing to do! Thanks, Connie!

  17. What a lovely way to celebrate!


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