Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fancy Feast Mornings aka watch your fingers..

So back in July I won three cans of Fancy Feast Mornings cat food from http://www.catladyland.net.  It was fun to win, and the package arrived very promptly.  So why did I wait till September to dole it out to The Crew?  Let's see.. seven cats three cans.. you do the math :)

I know I know.. I could have purchased a few more cans myself, but I just didn't (OK fine, I kept forgetting!) so when I went to pick up some more food for the kittens at the shelter and saw a few extra cans there I nabbed them (I don't usually abscond with shelter resources for my own cats, but I do quite often purchase supplies for the foster kittens so I figure they more then make out on the deal) and happiness ensued.

Are we FINALLY going to get this mom??
Don't tease us!
She was so just kidding, wasn't she Muff?
The Flavors
The Food (the Trout flavor was the mushy one)
The happy dance
The rejoicing
The totally getting in the way of the food being put down
Please daddy.. PLEASE PUT IT DOWN FOR ME!! *dance dance dance*
He is such a tease!!
Jack checks out the second plate.  Twee, whatcha doin sweetie?? 
Crowds bug me momma, so I'm cleaning up the dinner plates
but it smells kinda yummy, lets see if there is a place for me.. 
Are you guys full YET! I mean geeze, you finished dinner just 10 minutes before.. 
No momma, I'm not done yet, I can get some more in
really.  I can.. just give me a minute.. 

Twee got some uninterrupted time with the food.  She is so hard for me because I love giving treats to my kitties and they love eating them, but Twee WILL NOT compete for food.  She just waits everyone out, and if they eat it all on her, well then she just goes on about her business.  She doesn't seem to mind, but I totally do.  Even if I try to separate her out to give her food, she won't eat it.  And as you can see, Jack so won't give up till all the food is gone.  I swear he is the kind of kitty who would unbuckle his pants if he were wearing any! :)

So, 28 paws up for FFMs.  I can't completely agree because I'm not a fan of the ingredients, but I care less about ingredients when it is a treat, which this totally was.

(I was not compensated for this post in the least.  I did get three free cans of food, but it was not requested nor even suggested I blog about it.  The kitties however feel they were compensated in the best possible way ever. They will do pretty much anything for food!)


  1. Ohhhh...those are some really happy kitties! I'm no fan of the ingredients of FF either (I haven't seen the FFM's here) but the cats love it. And as long as it's a treat, it's fine with me. It makes me happy when my furchildren are happy. :)

  2. The yummiest foods are always those with so-so ingredients. I give the boys one flavour of FF (Derry's not a fan of FF, actually), and stay away from any of them with wheat. They all have by-products, of course. Then, so do a lot of "better" brands--or they're filled with fruits and veggies and copious amounts of fat. So you can't win regardless, IMO. BTW, we don't get FFM here, either, at least not yet.

  3. We haven't heard of this version of FF, but it seems to be a hit with your gang. Poor Twee--I'm glad she at least got some leftovers.

  4. Wow, that is a totally different reaction than we had here! I could only try the non fish ones because of Leo's issues, but boy, you'd think I was giving them styrofoam! We had two kinds, one was standy-up and the other was more mushy. The standy-up kind they eventually ate maybe around half of... the other one, they just gave me dirty looks and wouldn't even lick it! And I'd been haunting stores for weeks after I'd heard about it so the little brats could try it! Sheesh...

  5. Aw I love the happy dance! Glad they enjoyed treat so much. I agree with you about ingredients, they are not very good ones. But for treat this looks pretty nice :-)

  6. I just got a a can of FF to try for Skootch, because he doesn't eat enough - haven't opened it yet. I was hoping you could tell me which flavor was their favorite, but it looks as though they ate everything!

  7. nom nom nom.....we love that kind of treat!!! (and Mo is like Twee - he feels no need to compete)

  8. We're TOTALLY there with you on the ingredients, but hey - candy is candy, even cross species!

    Maxwell: *raises paw* I'm with Twee. I'll wait out the Diva and the Brat. But Momma always has my back.

  9. Well, you had us at TROUT!!! We are huge trout flavor fans, Mommy will have to look for this for us for something special.

  10. I'm glad Twee got some noms too. Fleurp is impossibly pretty :)

  11. Treats of any kind are the best Noms....my kitties agree too!

  12. Looks like it was successful =^.^=

  13. So many happy and contented kitties! Well worth the wait!
    Purrs ... Rainbow


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