Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Collar for Muffin

A while back TwoCatLadies.com.au ran a contest to find the "Ultimate Cat Lady"  Somehow I only came in second.. *wink*

but by coming in second I won a cat collar or iPhone 4 case as my prize.  Well not having a iPhone (actually I don't have a cell phone at all if you can believe that) I took a look at the collars and picked the one in Tiffany blue for Muffin.  Ok, sure, it isn't Tiffany blue, it is actually "Teal Tomorrow" but Muffin doesn't see colors all that well, and she doesn't know what teal is, so I figure it was close enough :)

I make this collar look goooood...
the little tab on the front says "Sweet Pickles Designs" and is just paper.  I popped it off after her photoshoot.. (I also took off the bell.  Does anyone really like bells on kitties??)

While Muffin is an absolute love, and adores me to no end, she is not a fan of the flash, so quite often we have to use ... well lets just say 'incentives' to get the shots I want..

see that 'dolphin" like shadow?  that would be me offering treats..   Which inevitably led to..

Thank you Momma.. hug??
The collar is just big enough for my larger than average sized cat (but not nearly as big as some of the big breed cats) so if you have a large kitty these collars are not for you.   I generally purchase handmade cotton fabric collars, so this one is a bit different than what she is used to, but I bet it will be a bit more long lasting.  Actually Muffin is one of the least rough on collars out of all of the kitties.. (do not say it is because of her size, but her fluffiness gets in the way.. yes.. that's it. she's... fluffy) so I really can't be accurate on that one.  Since the pattern (the white dots) appear to be painted on I'm also curious how long those will last (probably longer than my need to buy The Crew new collars - again she's FLUFFY)

but all in all I say it gets two paws up.  if that changes I'll revise this post.

(btw, the kittens were not actually neutered yesterday as there were too many emergencies at the vet.  They should be done today sometime)


  1. Congratulations on winning that collar! :)
    We (Cosmo, Ling and Tutu) have bells on our collars after Ling hid and Mommy couldn't find her for hours when she was still a kitten. The way the bell sounds tells Mommy the kind of mischief Tutu is up to.

  2. Work it , girl! She looks quite happy in her collar. I too can't stand bells on collars--it must be so loud for the cat. Actually, we no longer have collars on any of our guys (they are microchipped), since the Beastie Band Tucker used to wear permanently wore off the fur around his neck. :-/

  3. everyone here has collars (though mom has yet to get them on Spud and Junior - theirs are hanging on a cabinet knob in the kitchen) but nothing that fashionable :)

    And we have a no bell rule here too....mom says it would drive her nuts!

  4. Simba and Norman have bells as a warning system. For a long time, Simba lived with old lady Einstein and his bell let her know that he was nearby and gave her the opportunity to escape gracefully. It also helped me to determine which cat was joining me in the middle of the night. Now that we have the dog, it's more of an audible signal that there's a cat nearby when we let the dog in and out. Neither seems to mind (and I don't either, which is surprising)

  5. Concatulations on your win... I want to know who won FIRST place! :)

    1. first prize (went to) to Deborah Green from NSW, who has not only rehomed countless street cats and has six rescue cats of her own but CAN DO CAT SMILES!!

  6. Bribery brings in the group, I love it! MOL

  7. Amazing how they appear from nowhere!!!

  8. Its a swarm of cats! We hope the kittens are doing fine, too.

  9. I don't like putting bells on cats. It must get bothersome for them to hear the ringing all the time. I also think that they like to be silent and do the stalking thing or just be invisible for a while and having a bell makes that difficult for them. Also, maybe if they move in their sleep the bell could wake them up.

    Still voting for Fleurp - gonna keep voting :)

  10. Muffin! We love the HUG shot!! Ours is probably the ONLY family that doesn't come running for treats. We don't like 'em! Momma says WHEW!


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