Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kitty’scape™ Cat Tower

WAAAY back on October 7th I won a Kitty’scape™ Cat Tower from Cat Chat with Caren & Cody.  I was so excited because I love bringing in new enrichment for my own cats and also for the kittens.  It was hard to tell which this product would work better for from the pictures, so I figured I would wait till it showed up and decide once I got my paws on it.

First it needs a cat scan
and a second opinion
We got the Deluxe Playscape Kit
Seriously guys, what's with all the cat scans??
Snoopervising?  really?  don't you trust me??
Guess not.
How the base looks from underneath.  I like how it is well finished.
The set up I chose.
You can configure it any number of different ways.
adding the padding and the support for the cabana
Fleurp was the first one on, and the first to deposit her scent.
Keep your eye on the kitty on the floor.
Floor to cabana roof in a single bound
I shall call this.. 
Hey, what about us??
You may join me in KITLANDIA any time.. 
Twee scratching on the scratching post
Muffin wanted to get in on things
Muffin says she fits in the Cabana..
 Kit tries to pretend it isn't happening
See.. I fits.. 
Even Eli wanted to check it out.
Kit is in the 'hammock' under Skippy
Three out of four of the girls.. 
I will say I am pretty darn impressed with this.  For a modular tree it is impressively sturdy and while I wouldn't say it was overly roomy, as you can see it did work fairly well for Muffin who is 14lbs.  Both my husband and I agree it would probably be better for the kittens in general, but there are some major MAJOR issues with giving it to them. Since baby kittens aren't always the cleanest things I quite often have to launder anything that can't be bleached.  The wood is slightly rough - I should probably say not as smooth as I would like.  It isn't so rough that I'm worried about splinters, just that I am not sure that if I end up with poopy footprints on them that I'd be able to clean it well enough.  The scratching pad (green) would be impossible to clean because it does not come off, and the "hammock" would require me to disassemble the whole thing to get it off to wash it.  Then the pad in the hammock is attached to wood, so again washing is not really an option.  I would have much prefered it if these items were more like the cabana which in my opinion was well done.  The pad in that is much like a shower cap and can be taken off pretty easily.  If they had put a zipper around the top of the hammock instead of just across the bottom it would have been much easier to remove and launder when necessary... because I am going to assume even my adult cats are going to get it dirty at some point.  I'm also not overly thrilled with the cat toy attachment because it is proprietary.  The end of the toy has a plastic bit on it so it fits in the collar that goes around the pillar.  So when they destroy the toy, which I know they will, I will have to buy another one from them instead of being able to use one I happen to have.  If they had made the collar accept a round pole toy I would have liked it better.  I think the bit might have been an attempt to keep the toy in a little better, but it doesn't lock and it is easily pulled out.

So The Crew has pretty much determined that they hozied it.  Muffin wants to call it the KittyCabana and was singing the Copacabana song (you are welcome for that earworm).  As you saw, Kit determined it is KITLANDIA..

Thank you Carin and thank you to Solvit Products

This review is 100% of my own accord.  I wasn't even asked for it.  I was not compensated in any way, but I did win the product so I didn't pay for it.


  1. That is such a great win! And best of all, the kitties APPROVE. :)

  2. well done on the win,I'm sure all the kitties will enjoy it!

  3. That is so awesome! How cool that you can put it up different ways! Looks like everybody over there likes it!

  4. I guess your kitties don't run an HMO cause of all the "cat scans"??? Lol

  5. Baggy and Ninny said it looks like fun!
    Have a great time playing! Hailey and Zaphod

  6. WOW! What a terrific place for kitties to play and relax! Lucky!
    Happy weekend!
    xo Catherine

  7. Now I know what to get in the future when I can replace the current cat tree that's giving up the ghost.

  8. That looks like so much fun! (If I can special order it at work I think I know what my guys are getting for Christmas.)

  9. Thanks for posting about this and I am so sorry that I missed it when it originally was posted.
    I'm with The Furries...the kitties not only approved but it appears that they readily approved!
    I think as cat towers go, it is an awfully good product, easy to assemble, has multiple configurations and I agree that it was a GREAT WIN!


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