Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Working with kitties

It is so hard on me to not trust Elsa.. I have to "suit up" to go in and see her.. I put on a fleece jacket and a pair of gloves and wear shoes - which I never do for fear of stepping on kittens.   We are doing a little better with the communication thing as she hasn't lunged at me (although she did try to get the camera strap which freaked me out a little) since the day she bit me.  She has 'gone after' my feet - which is why I wear shoes - but when I said no she backed right off.
Don't think I didn't freak out when she jumped up on top of the cage.  Even though I was all the way across the room she was still way too close to my face for my emotional comfort.

But you can see how much she likes to rub up against me and everything else.

The other night she did not want to get in the cage so I left without giving her new food (She had older food and a lot of dry food) nor scooping her box.  so yesterday morning when I went to feed her it smelled and she was almost out of food.  She still didn't want to get into the cage, but I wasn't going to not let her and we finally got things straightened out.

Last night she didn't want to get in it either..
but this gave me an idea, and I took the top off the cage and ended up herding her in there..
Why can't I get to my momma??
Hi Momma.. 
I try not to keep her in there any longer then I have to. I don't like doing anything where I can't keep both eyes on her to keep a gauge on her mood/intensity level.  I'm also taking the opportunity to work with interacting with her without her swiping at me by offering her something to interact with and when the paw comes up it goes away but when her paw goes down it comes back.

I'm also working on Ella.

I try to discourage this as much as I love it because of Elsa.  My husband also showed up while Elsa was caged and we introduced Ella to the Hand Monster.  This little kitten needs to understand human hands are not to be treated the same as cats.. Maybe she can help teach her mother, but then again Elsa thinks Ella is a really fun squeaky toy so maybe not.
how freakingly cute are those ears??
she is so freakin cute when she lifts her back feet
off the ground when investigating something.
and the best news of all...
Yup, she's eating!!
Yesterday morning food was disgusting.. yesterday afternoon.. YUMMO!! (having her tiny little tongue licking me slayed me) While she is gaining weight (1 gram a day) she is starting to feel like she's losing.. so I'm thrilled at this.

PS while creating this post we had an earthquake!  At first I thought it was thunder, then a large truck.. then I started worrying something really bad was happening to the house, then it was over..


  1. Great patience to get her into the cage! We have a cat who rubs like that all the time. Have a great Wednesday!

  2. hopefully time will help her out. that cutie cracks me up....

    and earthquake huh?? yikes

  3. Wow, Elsa is quite a high energy girl, isn't she! And Ella is just so sweet looking.

    We've had a couple of small earthquakes here too--sort of freaky until you figure out what's going on.

  4. Elsa just doesn't have an "off" button! She just keeps going and going and going. Ella is such a pretty girl.
    Glad the earthquake didn't damage anything. :)

  5. Elsa will get better she's like a kitten her self just an over grown on is all

  6. Elsa's rubbing looked sort of aggressive! I will tell you a secret - I do lots of rubbing right before I whap the dog! So yeah, she needs work! But I am sure she'll come around.

  7. Boy it sure looks like she's just craving attention, I'm sure looks are deceiving, but it just seems like she's trying to get petted. Poor thing, hope she learns how to react to humans soon! That kitten is absolutly adorable!

  8. What a cute little kitty, we're so glad that they both have you to help them and take care of them. An earthquake? How scary!

    The Paw Relations

  9. What sweet cats!! Lovley photos :)

  10. This reminds me of me. I was TERRIBLE. Terrible. Not to be trusted.

    But then I got a LOT nicer, and now I am such a good boy teh Human cannot believe how terrible I was.

    You are a Good, Good Human to be taking care of these little kitties in their time of great need. XOXOXOXO

  11. You are doing such good work. And yes ~ those little kitten ears are simply the cutest! So unique!
    xo Catherine


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