Monday, May 20, 2013

A Matter of Trust

In case you feel like listening to it

So I have been thinking a lot lately about trust.  It is an integral part of what I do with kittens, engendering trust.  I spend a good deal of time getting kittens to trust me, trust their environment, and trust in strangers.It is interesting working with Odilia, because I have to consider if what I do normally actually works with those that can not see me.

I do spend time thinking of new ways to help build trust - yes, I know I'm a little odd and I am OK with that - but as a result I often think of how odd our world is.  We go through life trusting a great deal and often taking that for granted.

We trust that other people want to drive carefully and not hit us.  We trust that most people aren't going to  break into our house.  Yes, we lock our doors and we keep an eye out when we are in strange places, but we do go out, and we do not live in dungeons.

We know full well that people could do these things, but for the most part, we do not expect it because we trust..

We also trust in the corporations that make the products we use.  We trust they will make a safe and effective product.  We trust they will make foods that are healthy and good for us. We trust pet food companies to make foods that will keep our pets healthy.

If we trust but verify with our home and our car, why do we not with foods?  Well food and nutrition is much more complicated.  right?? if so, how are we still here on earth?  I mean before all this "science" we some how figured out how to feed ourselves.  So why do we not trust ourselves any more?  Why have we handed over this trust?  The more I learn about food and nutrition not only for myself but for my cats, the more I am shocked at what corporations have been able to get away with.

And now I have just found out I had my trust has been violated by a corporation in a very specific way.  I am so very upset about it.

Remember my trip to Kansas recently?  Well during that trip one of the women left early.  We were given the impression that she was not feeling well.  Well when I saw her at BlogPaws, she told a different story. She told us there were bedbugs in her hotel room and she was bitten.  I have to say it is very possible that she was making it up, but I trust that she wasn't.

I was less then thrilled at how she said she was treated.  I would have thought the hotel would have bent over backwards to make this right.  I do not blame the hotel in the least for having bedbugs, but how they deal with it makes all the difference in the world in how I feel about the situation.  And beyond how she was treated, I am quite bothered by the fact that they didn't tell those of us staying at the hotel.

I mean wouldn't you have wanted to know they were in the building so you could take extra precautions to ensure they did not enter your home???  I know I do.  I believe the responsible thing would be to take the possible hit on the chin and tell us all but they chose not to.

To make matters worse, neither did Hills.  They knew and they also did not tell us.

Bedbugs are not easy to get rid of, and to allow us to blindly go on not knowing.. to put us at risk like that..

I didn't like the way Hills did business before this.  I seriously do not like them now.


  1. Oh my god that's horrible and what any awful way to treat people,trust is very important thing in every thing we do so I don't think you are odd,xx Rachel

  2. Oh my, that's terrible. The sad thing is that, while it takes a long time to build trust, it takes but a moment to destroy it.

  3. My jaw dropped when she told that story. Have never met her before, not sure why she'd make something like that up either. WOW. That was so uncool of Hills to do that.

    1. Yup, I can not fathom she would make that up either, but I accept it is a possibility.. Since this was a post on trust, I figured it was the way to attempt to explain out of the two sides to this story, I know which one I trust more.

  4. Anonymous4:06 AM

    I don't know, I have experiences with working in hotels. We had a similar case of bedbugs too -- which didn't ended up in being bedbugs -- anyhoo, they decided not to let the guests know, so they wouldn't panic (and wouldn't leave). It's all about the money.
    But the way staff handles these situations can leave a huge impression (good or bad) to their guests.

    I would agree in telling the guests about this. Just like you said, so they could take extra precautions.


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