Thursday, May 9, 2013


Well our little Odilia is a force to be reckoned with.  You pick her up and she purrs but then she realizes she's near your chin and she MUST BITE IT AND BITE IT NOW!!.. *rolls eyes*  I am working on breaking her of that, because while right now it is freakingly adorable, in a few days to weeks she is going to get some jaw strength and she could do some damage.  So I pick her up and love on her and then the second I see (or think I see) her starting to turn to play I put her down.  She hates that.. she yells at me.. but hopefully she'll learn.

She is a really interesting case study in learning 'kitten language'.  She fully understands the 'ow' cue, and immediately stops biting and clawing me when I give it to her, but she is constantly giving it to me, and I try to stop playing when she meows, and she gives me every indication that she did not want me to stop.

I fear she is lonely and would do better with another kitten. but I am clueless if an older more experienced kitten or a younger and less experienced kitten would be better for her... or if she would even take to another kitty.. I've been stuck on this thought, and haven't done anything further about it.  I should shoot an email in to the shelter and let the fates decide what happens to her, aka take the next kitten that comes in.. but I'm also dealing with the fact that in a week I'll be starting a road trip that will take me out of the house for several days (#BlogPawsOrBust) and my husband is not sure he feels comfortable caring for her while I'm gone.. so I might have to make arrangements for her, and would it be easier if she were an orphan??  *shrug*  I just don't know.  An amazing foster home through the same shelter has a mom and several younger kittens that might be good for her to spend a few days with.. Maybe I'll contact her and see if we can arrange a play date and see how it goes..

Well anyway ..

Here is a cute video for you to watch her play..



  1. That photos, two paws up, just slays me. OMC!

    And the video!

    I realize I have no kitten experience so am commenting out of turn, I suppose, but I would think she'd do well to have time with other young kittens (or a mix of young ages) to help with socialization. She has to learn to interact with others of her species and wouldn't it be easier for her to learn and adapt the younger she is?

    1. You are not out of turn.. all thoughts and ideas are welcome.

  2. other kittens are probably a good idea

  3. Oh my gracious! Those paws! Those teeth! My heart! :)

    I would think that socialization is an excellent idea. Since she is behind her age group in that regard, younger ones might be the way to go. That way she might just get climbed on to start instead of pounced on and wrestled with.

  4. She just cracks me up. I would think socialization to be a great help for her.

  5. OMC! We are so in love with her!

  6. too cute....too bad we aren't closer or she and Samoa could have a nibble fest MOL

  7. She is so quick! And achingly adorable!! Another kitten is probably a good idea!

  8. Anonymous1:34 AM

    I can't believe how fearless she is in the dark. I really wonder if she can see just a little out of the tiny crack in her eyelid on the left side. That would thrill me immensely; to see her be so incredible in every way (including the biting of your chin) but not experience any sight hurts really bad.
    So...I knew from the start you would keep her!

  9. It is so wonderful how adaptable these little creatures are. Odilia has no idea she is missing anything significant. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


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