Friday, May 17, 2013

From the road..

As I mentioned previously, Odilia had an issue earlier and it was determined she had coccida.  She was dosed with marquis paste and thus all of them were killed, but her stool was quite soft.  When it wasn't firming up I took her off canned food and put her on raw.  She LOVED it.. ate it like a true obligate carnivore kitten should, all standing in it, and gulped it down.. it did my heart good to see it.

After almost no time at all, her stools were firm, dry and lacked that horrific coccidia odor.  If you feed raw, you will know that a raw fed cat's stools are pretty much odorless, which I have to say is really a bonus - especially after sniffing the odorous concoction that is a parasitic stool  :)  (wait, no, make that :$)

well I fed her raw right before we left, and I knew Robin would have some so she ate it while she was in CT as well.  Her stool had been firm for days so I was planning on putting her back on canned while here.  Well wouldn't you know it, after the first meal her stool became loose again.  It coincided with her bonus dose of marquis paste to make sure we got it all, but I needed to get my hands on some raw.

This conference is heavy on the Purina and Hills food and the commercial way of thinking about pet food, so I figured I would have to do some sleuthing online until low and behold I realized I was sitting next to THE Margaret Gates of - whom I refer people to quite regularly (along with because it is run by a vet and because it has a whole different layout feel and I figured people need more than one option in this sort of thing)

Wasn't I thrilled!  I figured she of all people would know where to get raw - because she is local.  I asked and she gave me the name of a place, but then said she could bring me some!!  I mean she was awesome before, but man, feed one of my foster kittens and boom, you are so my favorite person (yes, I'm that easy)

Well she brought some, she put it in a really nice container, with some ice, double wrapped in plastic and then in a whole foods bag.  I kinda felt like we had to do it on the down low due to the environment - the keynote speaker had just finished and he said he was opposed to raw food.

Margaret asked if I would send her photos of Odilia eating the food, and I said, well she has a belly fully of eggs (seriously, you NEED to see that video) but lets give it a try.  We opened up the container, and Odi is  reaching into the container to eat.. :)

I did some more socializing with her, but then she started getting grumpy.  After eating she almost always needs a litter box, so she came back to the room while I went off to a session.

When I got back I gave her some more raw..

Although after her breakfast of a taste of butter and some scrambled eggs, I'm curious what her stool is going to look like :)

I would also like to share how awesome my husband is.. He knew I missed my kitties, so he's been sending me pictures..
Twee and Kit - Daddy's girls
Doing the breakfast dance:
Skippy Muffin, Twee and Eli 's back and Fleup's tail
Fleurp and her eviscerated mouse.. she loves that thing.
Yes, that is a "it's good to be the Princess" mat for her to sit on

Sadly his blackberry doesn't take very good photos.. but it really is the thought that counts


  1. Aw, that is so sweet of DH to send you photos, who cares about the quality of them, they are your babies so I'm sure it's good to see them!

    I'm glad you were able to score some raw food, even if it was on the "down low." LOL

  2. That's really sweet of your hubby to send you the pictures. :)
    Odilia sure loved her raw food! Oh, AND the scrambled eggs (I watched the *yum yum yum* video). LOL.

  3. My human says you are finding all the cool people to hang out with! She keeps sitting next to boring dog people at the sessions she's been to.

  4. She looks like she is loving her food! Enjoy the conference.

  5. We always insist mom takes pictures of us when she goes away 'cuz we knows she'll miss us so much, MOL.

    Odilia looks like she's really enjoying her dinner! Have fun efurrybody.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. It's been so fun getting to talk to you. What a day you're having! The raw food is an interesting topic, I know a lot about it from Margaret and lots of my friends who feed their cats the raw diet. Sometimes I don't think people realize how easily it is to offend an audience full of pet people! You have to be very careful.

  7. It's lovely to see the rest of the krew!! Odilia is a huge hit at Blogpaws, which I knew she would be. As Sparkle said, you sit next to the coolest people! lol

  8. yay glad to see her doing well at blog paws!xx

  9. I have been out of town all week and my beloved has sent me kitty photos every night! He is so sweet - it really helps to see the photos when I am in a hotel room. I missed them all (4 kitties and my sweetie) and am thrilled to home now.

  10. We're sooo jealous that mommy's hanging with you & Odi - and we're at home ALONE. Eating raw. And daddy's punishing mommy and NOT sending her photos of us. SO THERE.

  11. Love the photo of Odilia with her paw in the dish. She is showing up in lots of blogs by those who have taken her photo at Blog Paws. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


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