Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ask and you shall recieve

So yesterday was Odilia's first day not being locked up in the cage.  I don't know why I was being so over protective of her.. but I was.  Monday I let her out of the cage when I got home from work and several hours later I went down to check on her and feed her and she was doing just fine so I left her out over night, and in the morning she was still just fine.. yup, I'm over protective.. so I left her out and went to work.

Well when I checked on her via the web cam I have she was no where to be seen.  I lamented on Facebook that I wished she would come out, and by the time I had finished posting she was out!!  She came out, walked around a bit and then crawled into the basket   (non Facebook users should be able to view the video)

later in the day I was talking to a co-worker about just how small kittens can be, and I told her of "Peanut" who was born at my house and was two ounces.  Two ounces.. most kittens are five.. I even showed her a picture of him when he fell asleep on my hands (one of my favorite pictures from fostering - sadly I only have a ridiculously small file sized photo of it because it was from 10 years ago)

So tonight I was checking my email and low and behold it is "Peanut"'s birthday and his mom sent me a photo of him, and a photo of his awesome brother who was originally "Gonzo" who are now... Treads and Miles.

Treads - yup, he's double pawed
and here I was with out any media to use for a blog post, and she sent me pictures too! :)

thank you Odilia for hearing me even though I was miles away at work and coming out for me.  Thank you Anne for sending me pictures of your beautiful boys.. and I am thankful for the reminder that good things come to those who wait :)


  1. It is great to see the good results of all your efforts!!

  2. fantastic to see them all grown up

  3. Beautiful cats--love the name Treads. :-)

  4. Aw, how lovely to get photos of them both, and see them as adults, happy and healthy and BIG. :-)

    Looking at the video of Odilia, it's hard to imagine her as an adult right now.

  5. yep - that is why we do what we do :)

  6. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Noticing Jeepers Creepers had a yellow-orange tongue this morning, I googled and found out it could be a liver problem, maybe something else, but in any case get him to the vet asap. My car is down, and none of my friends were available for a ride. So I asked, "God get us to the vet immediately," and remembered the bus stops right at the vet (and right in front of my place). But could I take a cat on the bus? I called the bus company and they said sure, if he's in a carrier. Ask and you shall receive.
    The vet thinks it's just a stain from something on his tongue (sounds strange but sure hope he's right). Still, I'm taking him in tomorrow for a full lab workup, plus a flea shot and some antibiotics (he's a little anemic). After I ask to receive the money to afford it all.
    As for Odilia, I think she'll ask to stay with you forever, and I hope she receives her wish.

    1. So glad it all worked out for you. Hopefully your vet is right and it is nothing.

      Odilia would love to stay with me, but she doesn't understand the reality of my life with The Crew. Once she figures that out I'm sure she'd be very happy finding a slightly quieter household.


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