Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Crew meets Da Bird

So the other week I won a giveaway over at Three Cat's Tails for World Cat Day. This was very exciting for me as the gift that I won included Da Bird!

This should be a really nice picture of the things they sent me, but I can't find the photo anywhere!  I'll need to take it again and post it here tonight

The last time I brought home Da Bird, Twee IMMEDIATELY caught it and broke both of the main feathers. That girl is absolutely amazing, as she is more than a few kibbles short of a bag, but man she can HUNT! DH thinks it is because she grabs first and thinks later, and there is probably some truth to that.

When I open the package on Sunday and put it together, the noise it made caused Jack to RUN straight for me.  We had some fun playing and the rest of The Crew joined in.  I had to end the play session before it was broken since I wanted to get some video for you.  So last night I grabbed my flip cam and the following fun ensued..

Jack wants you to know of his momma had let that birdie in the other day - he SOO would have caught it!!

Another package arrived at Casa de Gato recently. It came from "Purina Cares". It was a complete shock to me but it also made me smile.  I remember answering a question on the Purina Fancy Feast Facebook page about Fancy Feast.  I don't remember the question but my answer was that I am really glad they make the classic flavors because it is one of the foods I feel is safe for my cats to eat (since they have lower carb counts and few plant based ingredients so they are safer for Jack with his urinary issues) I have NO idea if this package was derived from that post or something else because there was no additional information in the package.. just the seven (yup, seven) smaller boxes.  So where ever it came from they knew my address and they knew I had seven kitties.  Sadly very shortly after these arrived Jack started urinating blood again, so I have been VERY hesitant to give him anything out of the ordinary, but once I feel comfortable with his health I'm sure I'll be treating The Crew.. Jack will probably get the Classic Turkey and Giblets I keep in the cupboard (in case I ever need to entice him to eat), since the 'grilled' version of their food has wheat gluten and soy in it..

Do you need help opening these??
Now open this too or I'll help.. 
Muffin, that is NOT helping.. 

I do have another review post to do with litter scoops.. I'm hoping to get that up this weekend.  With the stress of the sick kittens and Jack and life in general I am so far behind in this sort of thing and it bugs me..

I am curious, my stats tell me that very few people watch the videos I post, so I thought I'd ask,

Do you prefer photos or videos
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  1. You got TWO packages, now that is way cool! I voted on your survey--I like anything you post!

  2. we love your videos. :)

    We got a package too....but only one can....hahaha (mom gave it to Licorice)

    Poor Jack.

  3. Hmm. How is it our local stores don't send us presents out of the blue?
    Purring for Jack.
    All that jumping around for Da Bird is bound to work up an appetite. Open up those cans! :D

  4. I hope Jack is better soon! He does love Da Bird, doesn't he? That is a really elaborate package!

  5. I do hope Jack get´s better soon !
    I like both to watch videos and photos :)
    Me to LOVE to play with Da Bird and me too grabs it first and think´s later :)

  6. We hope that Jack starts feeling better soon!

    We love the videos but rarely have time to watch many. We are more likely to play one or two from FB when time permits.

  7. The kitties must have been super happy to see the packages coming ;-)
    We love da bird here, but Kitshka is always monopolizing the game. All games actually!

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday and wishing Milou a happy birthday.


  8. I hope Jack is better soon. He kinda liked DaBird mol.

    I don't always comment, but do like videos .. and cute photos. BTW the first video of the three said it was set to private?? The other two are ok!

  9. Jack reminds me of Carl when he plays! We do hope he is feeling better soon. Concats on your two cool packages.

    We voted for "we are here to see kitties" cause we like watching videos, especially of kittens playing (who doesn't like those?), but sometimes don't have the time. We couldn't open the first one, it said it was "private".

  10. we like watching some of your videos as well as love the photo's,Hope everybody gets well soon,xx Rachel

  11. So cute! We are glad they enjoyed it!!!

    Dunkel, Smokey, and Vito from Three Cat's Tails


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